Undercover Investigation Reveals Strong Anti-Trump Bias at Facebook

An undercover investigation conducted by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has exposed the rabid anti-Trump bias running like a virus through Facebook’s moderation team, which is responsible for editing and deleting problematic content posted on the site. While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been alone among his Silicon Valley counterparts in resisting Democrat-led calls to censor conservatives, his supposed passion for free speech is undermined daily by the people he has put in charge of moderating the network. That is, if you believe he’s really as gung-ho about protecting free expression as he says.

Whether he is or he isn’t, it’s clear from Project Veritas’s expose that employees working for Accenture and Cognizant, the two companies Facebook employs to delete and flag content on the site, are largely passionate about only one thing: Finding and removing as much pro-Trump content as they can get away with.

“I think Facebook is very biased with who they protect,” a Cognizant employee named Daniel Will told an undercover journalist. “They already shadowban, Facebook is notorious for it. They say they don’t, but it’s clear that people’s content doesn’t come up because it’s been de-filtered off the queue.”

Another Cognizant employee took pride in saying she would just go wild on her last day with the company. “If someone is wearing a MAGA hat,” she said, “I’m going to delete them for terrorism.”

The centerpiece of the new post was an interview with former content moderator Zach McElroy, who said that the vast majority of posts flagged for “civic harassment” were taken down because of their right-leaning content.

“I saw a stark contrast between Republican versus Democrats in that queue,” said McElroy. “I saw upwards of 75% to 80% of the posts in that queue were from Republican pages, politicians, journalists, and pages that supported the president or supported conservatives.”

The independent moderators, he said, “are essentially in charge of what gets said and what gets stifled.”

“And in speaking with a lot of them, I found that they are not at all shy to exercise their political will in deleting or leaving up content, whether or not they’re allowed to or whether or not they’ll get penalized for it, especially when they’ve got nothing to lose, that is to say, they’re getting laid off,” he said.

McElroy recalled one particularly egregious example of the double standard. In one instance, moderators opted to allow a drawing that showed a bloody Trump with a knife to his neck to remain on Facebook. At the same time, they removed a cartoon of Elmer Fudd “shooting” former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

“There’s no difference between the two,” he said. “There’s no logical reason why the determined reaction to those two posts would be different. They should be the same.”

Realizing that their scheme to silence conservatives was actively being exposed (again), Facebook put out a statement denying that their content moderation teams are systematically biased against right-leaning users.

“Our reviewers work hard to keep our platform safe for billions of users every day,” a spokesperson for the site said. “The reviewers’ decisions are regularly evaluated to ensure our policies are applied fairly and accurately. We do not promote political viewpoints of any stripe and the comments included in this video are not consistent with our policies. We will be reviewing our training and oversight to make sure these decisions are made consistent with our policies.”

Donald Trump Jr. remains unconvinced.

“More truth about Facebook and the social media masters. Enough is enough we can’t let them interfere with elections any longer,” tweeted the president’s son. “Election interference is such a hot topic except when it’s done by the left, then everyone is silent.”

Silenced, perhaps.

Written by Andrew

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