Author: Trans Identification is the New Trend for Disturbed Teen Girls

In a chilling new piece for The New York Post, author Abigail Shrier reveals that research and statistics is pointing to a stunning truth at the heart of the transgender mania currently gripping the Western world. According to Shrier, identifying as transgender is essentially the newest trend to replace such harmful behaviors as cutting and anorexia – a “peer contagion” that has much more to do with social pressures and mental illness than any mainstream health official is willing to admit.

“Between 2016 and 2017, the number of gender surgeries for natal females in the US quadrupled; in the UK, the rates of gender dysphoria for teenage girls are up 4,400 percent over the previous decade. An ailment that typically began in early childhood, and overwhelmingly afflicted males, suddenly has a new dominant demographic: teenage girls,” Shrier writes.

“I have interviewed over four dozen families whose teen daughters became caught in this current,” she continues. “Their stories follow a pattern: A girl never expresses any discomfort with her biological sex until puberty, when anxiety and depression descend. The girl struggles to make friends. She immerses in social media and discovers transgender gurus. Or her school holds an assembly celebrating gender journeys, or hosts a Gay-Straight Alliance club pushing gender ideology. At first, she tries out a new name and pronouns. Her school encourages her, keeping all this a secret from her parents. Then, she wants more.”

This is exactly what we were afraid of. Like cutting and anorexia, identifying as transgender is often a dead-end – and we mean that quite literally. Transgender suicide rates are through the roof, even in this age of supposed acceptance and tolerance. Even in this age, where everyone and their brother is assuring you that finding yourself trapped in the wrong body is a perfectly natural, scientifically-coherent experience. Even with all of that, the suicide rates are grim.

Unlike cutting, anorexia, or drug abuse, however, transgender ideology is looked at as something positive, refreshing, and celebratory. You would be shocked indeed if you found out that your kindergartner was learning all about the benefits of slicing open her skin as a method of releasing her emotional pain. Would you be so surprised to learn that they read a book about the normalcy of a boy deciding he’s really a girl? You might be angry, but would you really be surprised?

Of course not. Overnight, our society has decided that thousands of years of biology and knowledge can be tossed out the window. Trans women are women, and if you say otherwise, you’re a hateful bigot. Just ask J.K. Rowling.

The transgender madness currently engulfing our culture is a crisis in many forms, but the greatest victims are those kids who are, instead of being dissuaded from a serious, dangerous delusion, being encouraged to take hormones, have surgeries, and change their gender identities.

We may feel pity for adults who make terrible decisions for themselves about these matters; for those adults who push this deranged ideology on children, we have no pity. We have only scorn.

Written by Andrew


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