University Students and Employers Must Agree to “Combat Systemic Racism”

If students and employers want to keep attending and working for the University of Colorado-Boulder, they must not only agree that systemic racism is an actual thing that is happening in America today but that they will dedicate themselves to “combating systemic racism.” A memo sent last month informs all recipients that those terms make up a “non-negotiable condition of enrollment and employment.”

In the memo, the chancellors of several university offices wrote:

“We strongly support the many messages of solidarity that members of the CU Boulder community have shared in recent days, from the chancellor, vice chancellors, deans, department chairs and directors to CU Student Government, United Government of Graduate Students, and other student groups. At their core, many have expressed the following: Black Lives Matter, and as a campus we condemn all acts of racist violence and discriminatory behavior — regardless of who commits them.

“We may be confronting the unparalleled challenges of a global pandemic, but we can’t let that work distract us from making real changes to our campus culture to combat systemic racism and bias-motivated behavior. These changes must be seen in how we recruit students, faculty, staff and administrators — in how we signal to them the need to embrace our community values as a bottom line, non-negotiable condition of enrollment and employment.”

While it would be of no consequence for the university to have students and employers sign a document promising not to actively engage in racist behavior, this memo goes well beyond that. To sign onto this message in good faith, you have to essentially admit that the Black Lives Movement and all of its progressive ancillaries have the right take on modern America: It’s an impossibly-racist institution built for whites to the exclusion and detriment of black opportunity. That’s hardly a proven fact, and indeed, there is a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

But any opposing view, no matter how well established in fact, is apparently not welcome on campus.

Campus Reform spoke to Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He said that the memo was an astounding attempt to enforce “ideological conformity.”

“University presidents and chancellors often take great advantage of their bully pulpit to condemn behavior they deem inappropriate, but they should be careful lest they create a pall of orthodoxy over the classroom, the research, and the institution itself,” said Lukianoff. “In order to function as both a ‘marketplace of ideas’ and the ‘laboratory in the looking glass,’ an effective institution of research and higher learning needs to always take seriously the possibility it might be wrong, test its assumptions, and not accept any dogmas.”

Hmm, that sounds a lot like science. Unfortunately, today’s racial activists have decided that STEM and related science education is also racist…mostly because it provides precious little support for their theories. If universities are ready to capitulate on that front…well, we’re in for a return to the Dark Ages.

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