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House “Squad” Dems Propose Bill to Defund Police and Kickstart Reparations

House lawmakers Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), both card-carrying members of the so-called Squad that includes Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well, introduced radical legislation this week to defund police and begin dispensing reparations for black people and those who have been harmed by law enforcement officers. The pair of socialists are calling their bill the BREATHE Act.

“We can start to envision through this bill a new version for public safety — a new vision for public safety, one that protects and affirms black lives,” Tlaib said.

It is, of course, absurd to believe that such a bill could pass the Republican-controlled Senate; this legislation is likely too far off the scale to even procure majority support in the Democrat-controlled House. No leadership-level Democrats in Washington have come out in favor of defunding the police. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it was a matter best left to local officials when asked about the movement at a recent press conference. Democrats don’t have the boldness or courage to actually call the movement what it is – the single stupidest idea to ever emerge from leftist ideology – but they aren’t going to actually throw away their careers by supporting it.

Even AOC knows better than to put her name on such an idiotic bill – and this is a girl who thought the Green New Deal was a legitimate idea!

Among its other brilliant aspects, the BREATHE Act would “eliminate federal programs and agencies used to finance and expand the U.S. criminal-legal system, such as the Department of Defense 1033 [surplus equipment] program, the Edward Byrne-Justice Assistance Grant Program, Community Oriented Policing Services, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

The bill would also ban the use of ankle monitors and “dramatically reduce the Department of Defense budget.”

Apparently we have to Defund the Military as well. Who knew.

Socialist Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors praised the bill: “Right now the streets are swelling with demands for a new future and a new policy mandate. The Movement for Black Lives has responded with a vision that reflects these demands on a federal level. Our movement is strong, and we’re inviting our nation’s leaders to join us in making this vision a reality.”

And Jessica Byrd of the Movement for Black Lives said, “We demand that our Freedom Summer be met with civil rights legislation for a 21st-century black movement, and that’s the BREATHE act. We’ve proven that what seems impossible today is doable tomorrow.”

Yeah. That’s exactly what we’re afraid of.

Written by Andrew

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