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Here We Go Again: Dems to Investigate Trump Over Roger Stone Commutation

House Democrats put on a big show of outrage on Friday after President Trump did exactly what we all knew he would do by commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. Now Democrats leaders are promising to launch (yet another) investigation into the president and his decision to let Stone off the hook. Because this is a very, very, super important thing to be worrying about when cities are in flame – both literally and with a viral outbreak. But no, let’s forget all about those twin issues and worry about whether or not Roger Stone should go to prison. That makes all the sense in the world. Maybe we can even have another meaningless impeachment!

“President Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of top campaign advisor Roger Stone, who could directly implicate him in criminal misconduct, is an act of staggering corruption,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “Legislation is needed to ensure that no President can pardon or commute the sentence of an individual who is engaged in a cover-up campaign to shield that President from criminal prosecution.”

LOL. As if Trump was ever in danger of criminal prosecution. For us to believe that, we would have to believe that the Big Russia Hoax was actually a real thing. We know, of course, thanks to Robert Mueller (whose office was responsible for prosecuting Stone) that it wasn’t. There was never any collusion. Never any conspiracy to defraud the election. It was all a Democrat fever dream. Did Stone break the law? Did he lie to investigators? Did he threaten witnesses? Sure. Should he have treated the witch-hunters as if they were legitimate?

Speaking of illegitimate, what could be more so than a trial in which the jury’s foreperson lied for weeks about having a personal vendetta against Trump and Stone? That’s exactly what happened in Stone’s case, and it should have been grounds for a new trial at the very least.

Now, maybe you can argue that Trump should have let Stone’s lawyers worry about getting him relief through traditional legal avenues. We could listen to such an argument. But to sit up there and pretend like this is some unprecedented corruption? Come on. No one’s buying it.

“Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement. “There was never any collusion between the Trump Campaign, or the Trump Administration, with Russia.  Such collusion was never anything other than a fantasy of partisans unable to accept the result of the 2016 election.”

“Roger Stone was targeted by an illegal Witch Hunt that never should have taken place,” Trump himself  tweeted. “It is the other side that are criminals, including Biden and Obama, who spied on my campaign – AND GOT CAUGHT!”

Pretty much this. But Democrats have found another bone, so they’re gonna chew on it.

Have fun with that, Nancy.

Written by Andrew

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