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Trump Destroys Biden’s Campaign Platform in Rose Garden Remarks

Boy, did you see how quickly the mainstream media got onto the same page about Trump’s Rose Garden press conference on Tuesday? It was almost as if all of these reporters conferred with each other when the conference is over and decided to write the exact same report. Or, you know, as if they all got the same marching orders from a higher power. Whatever the case, all the stories read the same: Trump was “rambling for an hour.” Trump was “way off script.” Trump was “scattered.” You know, the kind of stuff you write when you don’t actually want to talk about what Trump said.

There’s a reason they wanted to avoid that subject. It’s because, in his remarks, Trump dismantled Joe Biden from top to bottom and back again. And with serious doubts throughout the Democratic electorate about Biden’s viability as a contender, this was the absolute last kind of message the media wanted to amplify.

Well, where the NY Times and the Washington Post fail, we come through. So let’s take a quick look at some of the most damaging comments Trump made about his so-called competition.

“Joe Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party,” Trump said in one of our favorite statements. “Joe Biden and President Obama freely allowed China to pillage our factories, plunder our communities, and steal our most precious secrets.”

That’s a powerful (and true) accusation at a time when the U.S. is directly suffering due to a disease that China allowed to escape its borders.

But Biden’s fitness for office is hindered by more than his cozy relationship to the commies. Trump, on a roll, took a hammer to the former vice president’s latest package of proposals, most of which came directly from the office of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“This is Biden. Biden’s gone radical left,” Trump said.

He noted that Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are sitting on a panel in charge of coming up with Biden’s climate change platform.

“In other words, he wants to install the Green New Deal into our country,” he said.

Trump also took aim at Biden’s new promises on immigration, which include giving 11 million illegals a path to citizenship.

“Mass amnesty, everybody gets amnesty,” Trump said. “Think of that. They’re going to rip down the wall. It’s hard to get that built, and now it’s almost completed.”

Near the end of the press conference, Trump said simply: “There’s never been a time when two candidates have been more different.”

You can say that again.

Now let’s hope that the American people make the right choice.

Written by Andrew


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