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“There is No Criminal Aspect of This”: St. Louis’s Mark McCloskey Speaks Out

Mark and Patricia McCloskey went viral last month when pictures and video of them standing outside their home armed with a rifle and a handgun, respectively, were disseminated throughout social media. The McCloskeys, who felt they were under siege when Black Lives Matter protesters destroyed the gate at the opening to their exclusive neighborhood and began marching through the private streets, armed themselves and warned the protesters to move on.

While their appearance made them suitable for mockery in the eyes of keyboard SJWs from coast to coast, one would be hard pressed to determine what, exactly, they did wrong. This is still America, right? Homeowners still have the right to defend their property, do they not?

Well, not according to St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner. She couldn’t wait to run to the media to whine about how the McCloskeys had infringed upon the First Amendment rights of the protesters, which (to our great surprise) apparently extend to destroying private property, trespassing, and making violent threats against residents. She sent the police to the McCloskeys’ home, where they confiscated the rifle. Unfortunately, this may only be the first move in what promises to be a legal farce.

“I don’t know the details of the criminal aspect of this, although I think there is no criminal aspect of this,” McCloskey said in a Fox News interview on Saturday. “But I think under the technicalities of Missouri law, in order to trump up whatever the attorneys are going to have against us, we have to test-fire the weapon or make sure that it’s the gun and credibly capable of being lethal.”

McCloskey went on to say that he was more surprised than anyone when he noticed that his wife was carrying a handgun.

“I was always surprised to see her out there facing off with the welfare crowd,” he said. “I grabbed my rifle and I was standing up on the porch — and all of a sudden I see her in the front yard with our pistol in her hand. What a woman.”

McCloskey, who is a lawyer himself, said that the local media coverage of he and his wife was reprehensible.

“The St. Louis media has been slandering and maligning us,” he said. “They went so far as to print a copy of a birthday card my dad gave me in 1976. There is no limit to what they’ll do to try to make me look bad. So that is how I am being treated in the press for defending my home.”

Well, yeah. You should have just called the–

Oh wait, they want to get rid of them, too.

Hmm. Makes you wonder how people are actually supposed to react when an unhinged criminal mob shows up on your front lawn. Apparently you should just take a knee, pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter, and hope for the best.

Written by Andrew

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