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Joy Reid: Obama is the Heroic “Batman” to Trump’s Evil “Joker”

A viewing of any random show hosted by MSNBC’s Joy Reid will expose you to some of the most ridiculous political commentary available on cable news today. But on Thursday, Reid was in rare form indeed. The new primetime host said that watching former President Obama give a pointed, political eulogy at John Lewis’s funeral inspired her to see Obama as the heroic “Batman” to President Trump’s evil “Joker” character. Who knew that Joy Reid was such a comic book fan?

“Donald Trump is terrified and he has good reason to be,” Reid said at the outset of her show. “Today the one who triggers him more than any human being Earth, former President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama, gave a power eulogy for the late and great congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis. And in doing so, Obama delivered a treatise on American democracy, a rousing call to arms, that could herald a blue wave this November.”

Well, not really. What Obama did was turn a eulogy into an excuse for political theater, desecrating a solemn funeral to take shots at Donald Trump. His speech was remarkably classless for a guy whose fans are constantly pining away for his eloquence.

After playing some of Obama’s speech, Reid said, “Trump was so triggered by the reemergence of the popular, globally respected 44th President on the national stage, the Batman to his Joker, that he scheduled a press conference of his own.”

Well, we’re pretty sure that had less to do with “Batman” and more to do with the absurd coverage of the funeral, which featured members of the liberal media like Reid and (many) others cheering Obama on as if he really were the Caped Crusader. And we have no doubt that they actually see it in those terms. It matches the perfectly-childish way in which they view the world. Democrats are the good guys, Republicans are the baddies, and now we’re just waiting for the day when 2nd-rate superhero Joe Biden dispatches of the Joker in November.

It’s funny, though, we don’t remember the comic series where the Justice League burned down a neighborhood for the sake of “social justice.” We must have forgotten the movie where the Avengers tried to burn down a federal courthouse with Homeland Security agents inside. We don’t really remember when Superman was so terrified of opposing ideas that he tried to cancel his ideological enemies.

If this is the reality where Obama is Batman and Trump is the bad guy, things have become twisted beyond all recognition.

Written by Andrew

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