White Customers Must Pay Extra to Shop at This Georgia Store

Oh, save us from woke retailers, Ye Olde Free Market!

Last week, a clothing store in Georgia called Civvies on Broughton put up a Facebook post explaining that shopping at their boutique would be done by appointment only. But if you want to make an appointment to come in and shop at the Savannah store, you have to give them a $20 refundable deposit so the workers aren’t wasting their time. This is a pretty…ballsy…move in the first place; we can only assume that Civvies has quite the reputation to be able to demand such a thing. But what made this story newsworthy wasn’t the deposit…it was the racism.

“We require a $20 refundable deposit to book an appointment,” the post explained. “Black people, indigenous people and people of color (BIPOC) are exempt from putting down a deposit.”

There would be no need to explain “why” the store is doing this – anyone who uses the acronym “BIPOC” has already told you everything you need to know about their commitment to wokeness.

But they proceeded to explain anyway: “As a mostly white staff with white ownership, we do not feel comfortable upholding a digital and financial barrier which could prevent BIPOC from shopping at our store at this time on top of the limitations already made by online booking.”

Don’t fret, though, white customers: The store suggested that you can call the booking manager if you can’t afford the deposit, and they will “discuss other options” with you. Perhaps you can offer to do some charity work in a black neighborhood or something.

However, if you are declining to pay the deposit because of the blatant racism?

“If you are white and refuse to put down a deposit because you believe our policy is unethical you will not be accepted for an appointment,” the post warned.

After attracting a deluge of negative publicity, the store offered a semi-apology on Monday.

“It was not our intention to act in any way that might be perceived as discriminatory and for that we apologize,” the store announced.

How is there any other possible intention behind that woke nonsense?

“’I’m sorry you interpreted what I did negatively’ is not an apology,” one commenter noted. “You have only demonstrated that you have learned nothing from this.”

Could this be another example of “get woke, go broke”?

Maybe the workers can find employment at Goodyear.

Written by Andrew

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