Dinesh D’Souza: We Could Soon See “Rise of Citizen Militias”

In an interview with Fox News this weekend, conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza said that if Democratic leaders cannot quell the rising crime and violent riots that have characterized the summer, we could soon witness the rise of “citizen militias” that will surely not be as gentle as the police when it comes to stomping out these chaotic uprisings.

“The problem is that you respond [to rioting] through the lawful authorities, which is through the police; if things escalate beyond a certain point then you call in federal assistance. If things escalate beyond that point you call in the military,” D’Souza explained. “Local governments and state governors are calling down the cops and licensing their own private gangs. If the cops won’t protect us, then you’re going to see the rise of citizen militias around the country.”

The conservative writer was quick to note that he wasn’t endorsing the idea but rather speculating on what could turn out to be a dark future for the United States.

“I’m not advocating this,” he said. “I’m predicting it. It is a natural and inevitable response to the militarization of one side.

“There’s a great line from the movie Breaker Morant, ‘When one side violates the rules of engagement you would expect the same type of conduct from the other,'” he continued. “This has to be stopped, otherwise you’re going to see things just deteriorate. Cities will become uninhabitable. The cities are the center of western civilization. You have commerce and you have culture. The Democrats are making it such that it’s difficult to have either one. That means technology, commerce, and culture will decamp and move out of the city, which means they’ll become like ghost towns.”

Unfortunately, Democrats are more interested in ignoring and downplaying this situation than actually addressing it. They are so terrified of winding up on the bad side of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and all of their idiot allies, that they are content to appease the rioters. They are content to pretend that it’s not happening. They are content to (absurdly) blame President Donald Trump and mysterious white supremacists for the rioting and looting. It’s a cowardly position, and it’s one that could bring about a very dark future.

Are these the spineless twits we want to put in charge of our country? Are these the mealy-mouthed liars that we want in the White House?

Surely not.

Written by Andrew


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