Portland Protesters “Divided” on Assaulting Residential Neighborhoods

According to a new story in The New York Times, the gentle anarchists of Portland, Oregon have begun to move on from their ongoing siege of federal buildings and city government offices. Now they are taking their lunatic show into “white residential neighborhoods” where they scream at people in their houses and demand that they show fealty to their – cough, cough – “anti-fascist” cause. The Times reports that these new tactics have “divided” the protesters, some of whom fear that they may cause a backlash against their aims and goals.

Nooo. Surely not!

“Demonstrators with bullhorns shout for people to come ‘out of your house and into the street’ and demonstrate their support,” the NY Times reported. “These more aggressive protests target ordinary people going about their lives, especially those who decline to demonstrate allegiance to the cause.”

How peaceful. How lovely.

Tell us again how TRUMP is the guy we should all be afraid of?

The New York Times profiled one Portland resident – a black veteran, no less – who is decidedly unimpressed with the ongoing protests:

Mr. Moses was initially not sure what the protesters were upset about, but as he got closer, he saw it: His neighbors had an American flag on display.

“It went from a peaceful march, calling out the names, to all of a sudden, bang, ‘How dare you fly the American flag?’” said Mr. Moses, who is Black and runs a nonprofit group in the Portland, Ore., area. “They said take it down. They wouldn’t leave. They said they’re going to come back and burn the house down.”

Mr. Moses and others blocked the demonstrators and told them to leave.

“We don’t go around terrorizing folks to try and force them to do something they don’t want to do,” said Mr. Moses, whose nonprofit group provides support for local homeless people. “I’m a veteran. I’m for these liberties.”

Can you just IMAGINE what the coverage would look like if this were a group of right-wingers harassing people in their neighborhoods, screaming at them to show allegiance to Trump, and demanding they remove, say, an LGBT flag from their porch. The hysteria would reach levels we’ve literally never seen in the mainstream media. And think about the ground that covers!

But since these are leftists, the best the NY Times can say is that the tactics are controversial.

“The tactics are dividing supporters of Black Lives Matter, with some worried that the confrontational approach will antagonize people who would otherwise be receptive to the message, or play into conservatives’ critique of the protests, which have been largely nonviolent nationally,” they wrote.

Right. Gotta get that last part in. Don’t want people to start thinking that burning down cities, blocking traffic, killing retired police officers, looting stores, throwing Molotov cocktails into police stations, and forcibly taking control of downtown Seattle (to name a few examples) are anything other than aberrations from the “largely nonviolent” nature of BLM protests.

We’re beginning to wonder what these domestic terrorists have to do to actually get negative coverage in the national media.

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