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Of Course Not: BLM Activists Who Threatened McCloskeys Will Not Be Prosecuted

At the same time that St. Louis prosecutors are trying their best to bring a case against Mark and Patricia McCloskey for brandishing firearms in front of their own home this summer, city officials are now telling the press that they will not move forward with prosecuting nine people charged with trespassing on that day. Thus we have the remarkable situation in St. Louis where it is perfectly legal to trespass and put homeowners in fear for their lives…but it is NOT legal to stand on your own property with a gun and warn those trespassers to keep moving.


City officials said Tuesday they will not prosecute nine people charged with trespassing on a private and gated street where they were met by two gun-wielding homeowners. The nine had been issued police summonses earlier this month, but City Counselor Michael Garvin said in a statement that “prosecution is not warranted” and charges would be refused.

Garvin wrote that the cases had been investigated by municipal court prosecutors, who reviewed video of the June incident, conducted interviews and examined property records of the street, Portland Place. He also said residents who are trustees of Portland Place made clear through their lawyer that they did not want to pursue trespassing charges.

Still pending is one felony count of unlawful use of a weapon-exhibiting against two Portland Place homeowners, Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Mark McCloskey was armed with an AR-15 rifle and his wife had a semiautomatic handgun. Charging documents say they pointed the guns at protesters, placing the demonstrators in fear of injury.

Aww, the “demonstrators,” who broken down a gate before marching through private property, yelling and making threats, were “in fear of injury?” That’s so sad. We’re certainly glad that St. Louis prosecutors are on their way to making sure a homeowner can never make a criminal feel unsafe when they’re trespassing on their property. We’re sure that will make St. Louis an even safer city than it already is!

While the McCloskeys may indeed face a criminal conviction for exercising their Second Amendment rights, both the Missouri Attorney General and the governor have spoken out against their prosecution. Gov. Mike Parson has, in fact, promised to pardon the couple if they are convicted in court.

The McCloskeys spoke at the Republican National Convention this summer, and they have become a symbol for what happens when white suburbanites stand up to the racial mob. It is a lesson that many voters will no doubt be taking with them to the ballot box in November.

Written by Andrew

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