Actor Mark Ruffalo: If You’re Not a Native American, You’re an Immigrant

Mark Ruffalo, whose political musings on social media make his Hollywood alter-ego, The Hulk, look like a genius of rocket-scientist proportions, went and did it again this week with another of his patented idiotic tweets.

Commenting on the final debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, Ruffalo felt himself being driven into a HULK RAGE and was inspired to RAGE TWEET this unfortunate proclamation: “Unless you are Native American you are an immigrant in this country. FULL STOP. We all came from somewhere else. We are living on their ancestral land. We all came from somewhere else.”

How woke! How progressive!

How…fundamentally stupid.

One user noted that Ruffalo’s efforts at being wise actually led him to forget about at least one group of Americans who did not “migrate” to the U.S. under their own free will.

“I remember those old good days when immigrants worked 9-5 on the cotton fields earning a decent salary,” they wrote.

Along the same lines, another user wrote: “African Americans are not immigrants. We were enslaved and dragged here. Slavery is not immigration. You’re too grown, and we’re too far into 2020, for you to say something this ridiculous.”

As insightful as those remarks were, we preferred this comment, which really highlighted the stupidity of Ruffalo’s claim: “Native Americans came here from somewhere else too! You think they grew up out of the ground one day?”

Exactly. Just because we don’t ordinarily trace back far enough into history to acknowledge that everyone came from somewhere else, it doesn’t mean that Native Americans are actually “native” Americans. In such a case, Ruffalo’s point is true: We literally are ALL immigrants of some type. But if we’re all immigrants, then there is no such thing as an immigrant – a word that only gains meaning when there is some other category to compare it to. Which is as absurd as anything The Incredible Hulk has ever said while in the throes of anger.

Intelligent and thoughtful people know, of course, that the term “immigrant” has a well-defined and useful meaning. People only a little bit smarter know that attaching the word “illegal” to that word defines something else entirely. And those just a little smarter still know that we do ourselves no favors as a nation when we ignore these useful terms out of some misguided attempt to be politically correct.

Because he was being branded a racist for his tweet (which is a little silly, to be honest), Ruffalo wound up deleting it. Too bad, because the really idiotic thing about his message had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery.

Written by Andrew


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