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A Post-Halloween Fright: Looking At Joe Biden’s Potential Cabinet

There are naturally a whole lot of prominent Democrats angling for a spot in Joe Biden’s Cabinet, should he prevail over President Trump on Tuesday. And, unfortunately for anyone who was hoping to put the scares behind them on Halloween night, the list of potential ghouls and goblins vying for spots is nothing less than terrifying.

Republicans have been warning for months that Biden’s “oh, shucks,” moderate vibe is nothing but a smokescreen for radicalism, and if these people get into the Cabinet spots they’re looking for, that prediction will become a reality. We won’t need to wait for AOC and the Squad to “pressure” Biden to the left; he’ll go straight there from the opening days of his presidency.

“Elizabeth Warren wants to be Joe Biden’s Treasury secretary and will make her case for it if he wins next week, according to three Democratic officials who have spoken with her inner circle,” reported Politico this week. “Warren allies say that the job is appealing because it is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to enact some of the ‘big structural change’ she talked about during the presidential primary, rather than just pressuring Cabinet officials from her Senate perch.”

So long, Dow Jones records. Hello, top-down recession.

Speaking of radicals, let’s see who else is vying for a position in Biden’s administration: “Sen. Bernie Sanders is hoping to be a part of Joe Biden’s potential administration and has expressed a particular interest in becoming Labor secretary, two people familiar with the conversations tell POLITICO.”

Sanders, of course, has made a name for himself by being the furthest-left presidential candidate in modern times, advocating for such extreme policies as Medicare-for-All, free college, free child care, free Pre-K education, and free Happy Meals for every American. Okay, we’re not sure about that last one, but hey, he might as well at this point.

Granted, the Biden camp has also made murmurs about putting Republicans like John Kasich in important Cabinet positions, but if people like Warren and Sanders are at the top of the administration (to say nothing about Vice President Kamala Harris), it’s a definite sign about which direction he plans to take the country. He can play the role of the reasonable moderate all day long on the campaign trail (or, you know, until he calls a lid at nine in the morning), but is anyone fooled? Does anyone expect him to do anything other than roll over and play dead while the radical left takes this country on a disastrous new course?

Well, we shall soon see.

Or, if we’re lucky, maybe we won’t have to.

Written by Andrew

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