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Trump Campaign Expands Lawsuits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Other States

If there is one thing we love about Donald Trump above all other things, it’s that he’s a fighter. Tooth and nail, down to the bitter end, this is a man who does not like to lose. That’s a good kind of guy to have on your side, and this trait could prove to be problematic for shady Democrats who are eager to put this election in the bag for Joe Biden.

“As the Trump campaign expands its lawsuits — including new filings Wednesday in Georgia and Pennsylvania — legal scholars say they are likely rooted in the Constitution’s voting law authority, which limits the power of non-legislative actors trying to assert their power over balloting,” reported Just The News on Thursday. “Trump has assembled a high-powered legal team to combat what it says is executive and judicial overreach in key battleground states led by Democratic governors.”

The problem in some of these states is that while the U.S. Constitution puts state legislatures in charge of setting the details of federal elections, governors and the courts have intruded on that delineated authority in recent months.

So for instance, you have Pennsylvania, where the Trump campaign is arguing that extending the voter ID deadline is in violation of state law. Republicans have already sued on this matter in Pennsylvania, only to lose in state courts. This allowed the state to keep accepting ballots up to three days past November 3rd. They don’t even need to be postmarked!

Republicans challenged this ruling, but the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. It now stands as law only because the justices split along a 4/4 line. If Amy Coney Barrett is there when this case winds its way back to the nation’s high court, however, it could tip the scales. And we know that Barrett is a strict originalist who believes that the Constitution says what it means. She may not take kindly to Democrat governors and state courts deciding to steal power away from the legislature.

All we’ve heard in recent days is that the mail-in vote is overwhelmingly going towards Biden. How many of those votes came in direct contradiction to state laws in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other states? Could it be that a simple reading of the Constitution invalidates Biden’s lead?

Count on Trump to find out, one way or the other.

Written by Andrew

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