Ibram X. Kendi: The Term “Legal Vote” is a Racist One

Ibram X. Kendi has had himself a hell of a year. With his bestselling book, “How to Be An Antiracist,” Kendi positioned himself at the forefront of the woke movement, taking full advantage of the George Floyd Summer to tell white Americans that if they aren’t actively committed to “antiracist” causes, they are in fact racists. You know, the kind of light reading that makes a country whole again.

Having made serious bank with that tome, Kendi has discovered that there’s a fortune to be made by constantly being the most divisive person in the room. He regularly adds to that reputation on Twitter, where he wrote this week that it’s racist to suggest that there’s any such thing as a “legal vote.” We’re sure Joe Biden is sitting in his basement laughing his butt off.

“The term ‘legal vote’ is as fictionally fraught and functionally racist as the terms ‘illegal alien’ and ‘race neutral’ and ‘welfare queen’ and ‘handouts’ and ‘super predator’ and ‘crackbaby’ and ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘post racial,’” claimed Kendi. “The misinformation of widespread voter fraud—or ‘illegal voting’—in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix where Black and Brown voters predominate is baked into the term ‘legal vote.’ No matter what GOP propaganda says, there’s nothing wrong with those voters and votes.”

The term “personal responsibility” is racist? This is the kind of hard-hitting information you can only get by following a Twitter account like Kendi’s!

“There are so many more terms like this. What did I leave out?” he asked. “What makes a term racist is rarely the term’s literal meaning, and almost always the historical and political context in which the term is being used.”

Sure, sure.

If there is a silver lining to Biden’s win – provided that it WAS a win, anyway – it’s that it might turn Americans away from this woke movement. Granted, that’s far from guaranteed. But it is possible that Trump’s victory and his presidency gave unintended strength to this movement that it won’t have with Democrats in charge of the country. Perhaps commonsense liberals can now unleash their true feelings about these idiotic claims without worrying that people will mistake them for Trump supporters. Maybe we can finally put to bed some of the more fantastical elements of cancel culture and stop letting a tiny percentage of grifters and academics hypnotize us with their nonsense.

Then again, maybe we’re just dreaming.

Written by Andrew


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