NFL Celebrates the “Inclusiveness” of an All-Black Officiating Crew

Monday night saw an all-black officiating crew work a game for the first time in NFL history as the Los Angeles Rams took the field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Led by referee Jerome Boger, the officiating crew was populated by umpire Barry Anderson, down judge Julian Mapp, line judge Carl Johnson, side judge Dale Shaw, field judge Anthony Jeffries and back judge Greg Steed.

Oddly for an achievement that involved only a single racial group, the historical event was heralded by the NFL as a victory for inclusiveness.

“It’s a testament to the countless and immeasurable contributions of Black officials to the game, their exemplary performance, and to the power of inclusion that is the hallmark of this great game,” said the NFL’s Vice President of Football Operations, Troy Vincent.

NBC News elaborated:

Five members of the crew work together regularly. Johnson and Steed joined the group for Monday night’s matchup between NFC playoff contenders.

The members of the crew have a combined 89 seasons of NFL experience and have worked six Super Bowls.

Bucs coach Bruce Arians, who’s been supportive of diversity in hiring throughout the league, applauded the decision.

“Way too long coming,” Arians said. “I know a lot of those guys. They’re great officials. … It’s a historic night, and I think it’s fantastic.

We’re not trying to throw cold water on this moment in NFL history, we just question the seemingly-unchallenged idea that an all-black crew represents “diversity” or the “power of inclusion.” It seems to us like the very definition of homogeneousness and exclusion? Liberal critics will undoubtedly accuse us of being pedantic or relying too heavily on the dictionary definition of those terms, but this is about more than just getting a word or two right. This is about paying attention to what the left actually means when they talk about these concepts.

In an era where those on the far left think about everything in terms of power, winning and losing, the oppressed and the oppressor, and Marxist concepts like “equity,” we think it’s a subject worth paying attention to.

As for the all-black crew itself, hey, it’s about time. After all, the NFL has had all-blind officiating crews for years…

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