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There’s Nothing Moderate About Biden’s Choice of Xavier Becerra

The overarching theme of Joe Biden’s candidacy was that he was going to somehow “bring us together.” He wasn’t some rank partisan. He wasn’t some extreme leftist. He was going to come into office, open the West Wing to Republicans, staff his cabinet with people from all walks of the political spectrum, and sing kumbaya with our newly united Republic. He is Joe Biden, the moderate working man from Delaware, and you don’t have anything to worry about.

Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t taken long for the cracks to appear in that myth. The moment Biden announced that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra would be his Health and Human Services Secretary nominee, he basically acknowledged that all of that “moderate” garbage was out the window.

Or, well, it would have been an admission of that sort if the media had any integrity. Instead, we got reports like this one from ABC News’s Mary Bruce:

“He you know, is someone who certainly understands health care policy,” Bruce said of Becerra. “He helped to lead the fight to defend the Affordable Care Act from California’s perspective in the Supreme Court. And he is someone who understands Washington, right? He served 25 years in the House of Representatives. […] Of course, he also will be the first Latino ever in this position, and that helps Joe Biden to make good on his promise to have the most diverse Cabinet going forward.”

Well, at least he’s Latino.

But if Becerra’s “diversity” is a mark in the plus column, his utter lack of experience with science and health is surely a mark in the other one. This guy has had a long political career, no doubt, but what expertise does he bring to bear at a time when we’re fighting a global pandemic? None that we can see. Certainly, his efforts to defend Obamacare in court do not translate well to leading the country though the cloud of COVID.

Where does Becerra’s expertise lie? Well, as far as we can see, he has plenty of experience in using the power of the state to crush political opponents, Christians, journalists, and people who believe that the United States is a place for U.S. citizens.

His tenure as California’s attorney general has been decorated with instance after instance of his going well out of his way to destroy conservatives. There was the felony charges he filed against the journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood. There was the crusade he went on against crisis pregnancy centers, where he wanted to force them to advertise abortion to their patients. He has even fought to force churches to provide abortion insurance coverage to their employees.

And that’s not even getting into his abominable efforts to punish California businesses and individuals for sounding the alarm on illegal aliens.

Becerra is one of the most divisive, blisteringly-radical Democrats in elected office today. Biden cannot pretend to care about “unity” and choose someone like this to be part of his Cabinet.

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