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Dan Crenshaw Condemns Pelosi in Fiery Speech From the House Floor

In a fiery speech on the House floor on Wednesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw raked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the coals, accusing her of making a “deeply partisan” decision to slowroll COVID relief talks for no other purpose than to hurt President Trump politically and set the stage for Democrat wins in November.

Crenshaw said that Pelosi’s admission last week that it is okay now to agree to a smaller stimulus package “because we have a new president” is all the evidence needed to “unequivocally condemn” her for putting the needs of the Democratic Party ahead of the needs of the American public.

“We have known for months that Speaker Pelosi was holding the American people hostage for political gain; I’ve said it; my colleagues have said it. While Americans suffered under unscientific, foolish lockdowns, Pelosi withheld relief for political purposes. Not policy purposes, but political purposes,” Crenshaw said. “But we now have a full admission. She said the quiet part out loud. This was never about what was best for the American people, never about honest policy disagreement; it was about preventing President Trump from getting any credit.”

Crenshaw reminded lawmakers that Pelosi repeatedly turned down proposals from members of her own caucus – Democrats who wanted to compromise with the Senate’s Mitch McConnell and push through a limited COVID package months ago.

“She refused,” Crenshaw said. “She would say over and over again that nothing is better than something. She was being honest; she honestly believed that nothing was better than something. But better for who? Not for the American people, that’s for sure. She believed that nothing was better than something — for her and her party.

“It’s hard to imagine a more awful and heartless strategy,” he continued. “And what’s worse, Speaker Pelosi does all of this while people in her home state suffer from unscientific, unconstitutional lockdowns the Democrat leaders in California are forcing upon their citizens.”

Crenshaw used this last statement to pivot into his larger point: That coronavirus lockdowns are having a disastrous effect on American workers, small business owners, and communities.

“These lockdowns are not based in science; they never have been. Study after study shows that they yield little or any benefits but they impose extreme costs on the small businesses suffering under them,” he said. “And you know what else? Democrat leaders making these executive orders — they know this too, because they’re violating their own guidelines. The Speaker of the House couldn’t even let a pesky little lockdown get in the way of a haircut appointment even though those same lockdowns destroyed the lives of her constituents.”

Crenshaw’s speech wasn’t just powerful and effective because he’s such an impassioned speaker – though that doesn’t hurt. It was powerful because it was rooted in indisputable truth.

Unfortunately, thanks to the left’s new love of censorship, it’s a truth that Americans are having a hard time getting to.

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