Seattle: If You’re Poor, You Can Go Ahead and Commit Crimes

Not for the first time, it occurs to us that maybe President Donald Trump had it wrong when he tried to build a wall across the Mexican border. More and more, it seems like the real wall we need is one that stretches up the Pacific coast, shielding the U.S. from the increasingly-insane policies in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. After all – as far as we know, Mexico still believes in prosecuting criminals. They may have some issues with police corruption and so on, but they haven’t completely lost their minds.

Can we say the same for these Left Coast cities?

For instance, let’s look at the latest nonsense coming out of the Seattle City Council, where Democrats are proposing an affirmative defense for theft: If you can prove that you were going to sell the stolen goods to provide for your “basic needs,” well, you can pretty much get yourself off the hook.

“It’s giving people an opportunity to tell their stories and giving judges and juries the opportunity to hear those stories and make a decision based on the values of our city,” said Councilwoman Lisa Herbold.

Those values do not, apparently, include the right to have your private property protected by the law.

“King County Department of Public Defense Director, Anita Khandelwal said the legislation should not include any restrictions, monetary or otherwise, and jurors should be allowed to decide,” reports KOMO News.

What could go wrong?

Scott Lindsay, a former Public Safety Advisor for the city, told KOMO that the Poverty Defense could lead to widespread criminal activity.

“It’s a green light for crime,” said Lindsay. “If you are engaged in 100 different misdemeanors that are in our criminal justice system code, you are not going to be held liable. You are not going to be held accountable.”

“It sends this powerful signal that as city government, we don’t really care about this type of criminal behavior in our city,” former Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess said of the proposal.

But Khandelwal said that the current system isn’t working for anyone.

“It’s meeting nobody’s needs,” she said. “This is not that we don’t care about the business community or about people who have experienced harm. It is that we know that this process – this processing of human beings through the system – is harmful to our clients and again very racially disproportionate, and also not getting business owners what they need either.”

Ah. Well let’s see how a system of letting people off because they REALLY NEEDED to commit the crime works out for you.

Like we said: Build the wall.

Written by Andrew


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