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Trump: Barr Should Have “Stepped Up” to Say Hunter Biden Was Under Investigation

In an interview with Fox News’s Bill Kilmeade this weekend, President Donald Trump criticized Attorney General William Barr, saying he should have revealed that Hunter Biden was under DOJ investigation while the presidential campaign was in progress.  

“Joe Biden lied on the debate stage he said there’s nothing happening, nothing happening, and Bill Barr should have stepped up,” Trump said Sunday.

When Kilmeade brought up the controversy that surrounded former FBI Director James Comey, who was bashed by both sides for exposing the details of Hillary Clinton’s investigation in 2016, Trump waved aside the comparison.

“All he had to do is say an investigation is going on. And by the way, I don’t want to say anything bad happened to Hunter Biden. Whatever it is, it is the facts, but I don’t want to say anything bad happened to Hunter Biden. And I purposely stay out of it,” Trump said. “But when you affect an election … when they are saying things, making statements and the press is purposely not reporting it, Bill Barr, I believe, – not believe, I know – had an obligation to set the record straight.”

Trump recalled a situation from 2019 when BuzzFeed came out with a report saying that Trump told his then-lawyer Michael Cohen to perjure himself in front of Congress. Robert Mueller, who was then serving as Special Counsel, issued a statement correcting the record.

“But Bob Mueller stood up and he interjected that this article was false. Bill Barr should have done the same,” Trump said.

At a certain point in the campaign, the mainstream media – along with Big Tech – decided that any adverse reporting about Hunter Biden would be too harmful to his father’s efforts to defeat Trump. Twitter went so far as to lock the New York Post out of their own account when they published a story about Biden’s laptop and the incriminating things found on the hard drive. But it turned out last week that much of what the Post reported in that story – including Hunter Biden’s shady dealings with China – is actually being investigated by the feds.

“In addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the Southern District of New York also scrutinized Hunter Biden’s finances, according to the person with direct knowledge of the investigation,” Politico reported. “The person said that, as of early last year, investigators in Delaware and Washington were also probing potential money laundering and Hunter Biden’s foreign ties.”

Did the American people deserve to know that Trump and conservative media was telling the truth? That Joe Biden’s son was tangled up in criminal webs that span the globe? Might that have changed a few thousand votes in the swing states?

Unfortunately, thanks to the media’s Democrat protection racket, we can only speculate…

Written by Andrew

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