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Ted Cruz: Let Leftists Who Support Lockdowns Give Up Their Salaries

When a millionaire CNN host and one of the world’s richest men had a conversation about how states need to crack down on businesses that continue to operate during the pandemic, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas felt he’d heard enough. He went to Twitter in a fit of rage, surmising that if these leftist had to endure the financial hardships they are wishing upon average, ordinary Americans, they might not be so quick to recommend lockdowns for everyone else.

Cruz was sent into a fury by an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” show on Sunday when Bill Gates (net worth of $129 billion) spoke to host Jake Tapper (net worth of $8 million) about the next steps to take in the fight against COVID.

“Should states take the kind of drastic action we saw when the pandemic first began?” Tapper asked. “Or can there be a more nuanced approach?”

“Bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed as we go into this wave,” replied the Microsoft founder. “And I think, sadly, that’s appropriate.”

Cruz took to Twitter, saying, “Leftists: a millionaire & a billionaire discuss how they think it’s ‘appropriate’ to destroy & bankrupt small businesses across America. Tell you what…halt ALL salaries at CNN & Microsoft, stop paying Dem politicians & then let’s see if they think TWO MORE YEARS shutdown is OK.”

Unfortunately, unless you went as far as to freeze Gates’ assets and put him into a one-room cabin, it’s unlikely that he’d get the point. Same is probably even true of Tapper – you can last a pretty long while on $8 million in cash, stocks, and assets. Cruz’s idea would only hurt the “little people” at Microsoft and CNN. The cameramen would suffer, but you can bet that Wolf Blitzer would be A-OK. And once again, we’re around to the same point we started with.

By the way, for as much as likes to play a public health expert on television, it’s probably worth remembering that Bill Gates has no specialized education in infectious diseases. Sure, sure, he’s done plenty of charity work, and we’re not trying to take away his special genius in the areas of computer development and the maximization of capitalism. He’s got few peers when it comes to those areas. But his recommendations on stopping the pandemic? Why should we take him more seriously than any other guy off the street?

Indeed, we should take him LESS seriously than most, because his wealth and status shields him from any and all effects of government-enforced lockdowns. Small Business Sam may have no more clue about the coronavirus than Gates, but at least he knows what will happen to his company and his workers and his family if these restrictions don’t end. Maybe we should spend a little more time listening to Sam and a little less time listening to out of touch billionaires.

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