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Mark Levin: The Supreme Court Has “Not Upheld the Constitution”

On his Sunday night Fox News show, conservative author Mark Levin said that the Supreme Court has tarnished its reputation and harmed the country with its refusal to consider election lawsuits from Texas, Pennsylvania, and the Trump campaign. Levin said that Chief Justice John Roberts’ eagerness to keep the court above the fray was only serving to permit election fraud and give the Democrats the green light they’ve been looking for.

“This is why we have a Supreme Court. Judicial Review for the purpose of upholding the United States Constitution,” Levin argued. “When the Supreme Court sits there and pretends that they’re just observers that decide they don’t want to get involved, they have done a grave disservice to this country. They have not upheld the Constitution, and we will pay the price for this in elections to come.”

Levin said there is plenty of evidence that certain battleground states had done everything in their power to tilt the election in favor of Biden.

“They don’t want to count every vote,” Levin said. “They want to change the voting system, and that’s exactly what they did in every single one of these states. And the news hasn’t even covered it. Instead, we get spitballs from the so-called ‘legal analysts.’ Spitballs.

“Where are the defenders of the United States Constitution on this part of the Constitution?” he asked. “They sure as hell aren’t on the Supreme Court or any federal court — because we the people have now been abused.”

In an interview with Fox News shortly after the Supreme Court dismissed their case due to lack of standing, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that the court’s ruling left much to be desired. He said that there was significant evidence that Texas voters had been directly harmed by the actions taken in Pennsylvania and other swing states.

“I view them as having been harmed by the fact that other states didn’t follow their election laws and didn’t follow the Constitution,” Paxton said. “How do I address the fact that my voters are affected by a national election that potentially was not done correctly, where there was fraud, and the state law and federal law was not followed? So you know, I don’t know what else we could have done other than ask the court to at least hear our arguments.

“You know this was our only chance,” he continued. “Unlike other cases, when you sue another state — when one state sues another, in this case we ended up with seven states suing four, our only place to go was the U.S. Supreme Court to be heard. So normally we’d be able to go to a District Court and have our case heard. In this case we asked the court, the Supreme Court, to hear our case and we never got that opportunity.”

The Trump campaign has now filed an appeal of their own, asking the court to reconsider the validation of Pennsylvania’s election results. Judging by the legal track record over the last month, however, we’re not holding our breath for a favorable ruling. The Supreme Court, it seems, has decided to stay out of this one.

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