Identity-Obsessed Dems Upset With Newsom’s Choice to Replace Kamala Harris

With nary a hint of commentary of the relative merits, strengths, and weaknesses of the candidates who might have been chosen to fill Sen. Kamala Harris’s seat in Washington, identity-obsessed Democrats were thrown into an irate tizzy this week when Gov. Gavin Newsom selected Secretary of State Alex Padilla as her replacement. While Padilla does have minority credentials as a Latino, that’s not good enough for the SJW crowd, all of whom wanted to see Newsom pick a black woman to fill the seat.

That Padilla will make history as the first Hispanic man to represent California in the U.S. Senate made no difference at all to the whining masses, many of whom said it was a slap in the face of voters for Newsom to choose a man to fill a seat that belonged to a black woman.

“He should have picked Rep, Barbara Lee,” lamented American Economic Liberties Project’s Matt Stoller. “She’s great and is always full of ideological integrity.”

Guess that’s a slam on Padilla!

“So… there will be ZERO Black women in the Senate?” civil rights activist Preston Mitchum. “Instead of picking one of the Black woman Members in the House (Lee, Bass, etc.), the Governor decided that a man… never mind.”

Newsweek columnist Aimee Allison was similarly outraged, whining that Newsom’s decision leaves the country “with one less woman and now not a single Black woman in the United States Senate, chipping away at decades of progress that have been to ensure our United States Senate looks like the America is represents.”

If decades of progress led to only a single black woman in the Senate, we’d probably keep that record of accomplishment on the DL.

Journalist Sophia Nelson said the least Newsome could have done was fill the seat with a woman.

“I support my Latino brothers and sisters too! But then choose a Latina woman to fill the seat. You gave a seat won by a woman to a man. No Bueno!!!” she wrote.

Not a man!

Not everyone was upset with the appointment; Nathalie Rayas of the Latino Victory Fund said it was a “long-overdue milestone for the Latino community.”

“His appointment will not only increase Latino representation in the Senate, but it will also open the door for future generations of Latino leaders,” Rayas said.

And yet again, no mention of the relative qualifications or merits of Padilla or anyone else up for the job. It’s all about skin color, heritage, and gender.

Progressives have said on more than one occasion that America is more racist now than at any time in history. As absurd as that claim might be, they are well on their way to making it a reality.

Written by Andrew


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