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“Wrongfully Conspired With One Another”: Detroit Sues BLM Protests

In one of the biggest legal actions ever taken by a metropolitan city against the Black Lives Matter activists, the city of Detroit filed a counter-suit against BLM and their activist collaborators, Detroit Will Breathe, accusing them of wrongfully engaging in a criminal conspiracy against the city. The countersuit is a reaction to a lawsuit from the organizations against Detroit, wherein protesters argue that Detroit and its police department violated the rights of activists with their crackdowns on civil unrest.

“Counter-Defendants illegally, maliciously, and wrongfully conspired with one another with the intent to and for the illegal purpose of disturbing the peace, engaging in disorderly conduct, inciting riots, destroying public property, resisting or obstructing officers in charge of duty, and committing acts of violence against Counter-Plaintiffs and DPD officers,” Detroit said in its countersuit.

The Intercept reported last week: “The countersuit against Black Lives Matter protesters is a novel move in the post-George Floyd moment, and it has lit a fire under already boiling local tensions. The city has tried to portray it as a routine legal tactic, but many see the counterattack as an effort to suppress the right to protest and to shift the public narrative away from the police department’s violence. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., whose congressional district includes much of Detroit, has lambasted it as ‘an unthinkable assault on constitutional rights.’”

Well, here’s the thing, Rashida: No one has a constitutional right to riot. No one has a constitutional right to throw a bottle at a police officer. No one has a constitutional right to commit arson. Black Lives Matter protesters have routinely engaged in all of these activities (and more), and it’s about time that a city stood up for itself and the ACTUAL constitutional rights of citizens and business owners who are being terrorized by these morons.

Over the course of the last year, we’ve watched in abject horror as cities all around the country bow and subjugate themselves in front of these protesters. From Oregon to Minneapolis to San Francisco, Democrats have bent over backwards to treat these imbeciles as if they had valid points to make about justice and race. What they got in return were absurd demands like “abolish the police” and enough destruction to rock their respective city budgets for years to come.

We’re past the point where the adults in the room need to stand up and take charge. We wouldn’t have guessed that we would look to Detroit of all places for that meager gleam of action, but hey, we’ll take it.

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