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Operation Rescue Names President Trump the Pro-Life Person of the Year

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris may be sharing Time’s Person of the Year award for 2020, but as far as we’re concerned, President Donald Trump just got an award worth much more. The pro-life organization Operation Rescue just bestowed upon him their 2020 Person of the Year Malachi Award for excellence in fighting for the rights of the unborn. With a nod to both his judicial appointments and his policy efforts to defund abortion globally, the group gave Trump the award for the second time in his presidency last week.

From Christian Post:

The organization cited Trump’s efforts to remove Title X funding from Planned Parenthood, pulling out of the United Nations’ World Health Organization due to its support for abortion, the appointment of numerous pro-life judges, including three justices of the United States Supreme Court, and his administration withholding $200 million in tax dollars from California over a state law requiring healthcare providers to cover abortions, regardless of any moral objections.

“President Trump has done more to build a Culture of Life in the U.S. than all previous presidents combined,” said Operation Rescue’s President Troy Newman, as quoted in the announcement.

“It is my honor to acknowledge these accomplishments and relay my deep gratitude to him for keeping and exceeding all his promises when it comes to the matter of abortion.”

It would be difficult to name a president who has done more to further the pro-life cause than President Trump. Starting with his judicial appointments alone, Trump has far exceeded even the wildest expectations. With a great assist from Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, Trump has appointed 53 U.S. Court of Appeals judges and 162 District Court judges. And that’s not to mention his three Supreme Court nominees, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, all of whom came the court with strong conservative bona fides.

From there, his defense of unborn life is a list of extraordinary accomplishments. He signed a bill in 2017 stripping Planned Parenthood of family planning funding available through Title X. He reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy program, banning the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the abortion industry around the world. His administration passed a rule exempting moral and religious objectors from having to provide abortion and contraceptive insurance coverage to their employees. He reversed Obama-era guidance that blocked states from stripping Planned Parenthood of Medicare funding. And the list goes on.

In the run-up to the 2016 election, more than a few Christian conservatives had their doubts about Trump’s commitment to the pro-life cause. In both his words and deeds, however, he has proven himself a champion for the unborn.

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