Barf Alert: Joe Biden Praises Nancy Pelosi For Her “Patriotic Resolve”

After Nancy Pelosi put her own caucus in danger of contracting the coronavirus for the much more important priority of securing another term as House Speaker, President-elect Joe Biden praised his Democratic colleague as a “trailblazing leader” who would help him make “unprecedented progress” over the next four years.

“Jill and I extend our warmest congratulations to Speaker Pelosi on her well-deserved re-election today as Speaker of the House of Representatives,” said Biden. “She is one of the most effective and accomplished legislators in our nation’s history, and I have no doubt that Speaker Pelosi will continue to lead the House with dignity, principle and patriotic resolve.”

Pelosi, who played politics with the coronavirus stimulus (and ultimately accepted a deal that was much less expensive than the one she originally rejected before the election) vowed Sunday to make fighting the coronavirus her first priority in the new Congress.

“The pandemic has pulled back the curtain and shown even worsened disparities in our economy and our society,” said Pelosi in her acceptance speech. “We must pursue justice: Economic justice, justice in health, racial justice, environmental and climate justice, the list goes on. Every morning in this chamber, we take a pledge: One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The list certainly “goes on,” but one has to take a message of economic disparities with some measure of skepticism, coming as it does from a woman worth an estimated $114 million.

In his statement, Biden said that, in conjunction with the Pelosi-led House, “we will come together to defeat the ongoing pandemic, take on the existential threat of climate change, instill greater equity and justice in our society, and build our economy back better than before.”

“I look forward to working closely with the Speaker and her colleagues in the House, majority and minority alike, to pursue that vital work on behalf of all of the American people,” he concluded.

It’s almost too much to bear. The idea that a figure as divisive as Nancy Pelosi – who can’t even unite her own House caucus – is the woman to whom Americans should look to for an example of “patriotism” or unity is a bad joke. And Biden’s over-the-top praise for this ridiculous woman is exactly the signal we need to know what the next four years are going to look like.

Written by Andrew

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