In Condemning Political Violence, Leftists Call for Political Violence

Leftists on social media rushed to their phones on Wednesday to make sure that everyone in their friend circles knew how horrified and disgusted and vengeful they were as Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington. While breaking their backs to condemn the political violence they saw transpiring on their television sets – violence that amounted to far less destruction than this summer’s riots, we’ll note – they simultaneously gave in to their basest instincts for bloodlust.

“Hopefully they shoot them,” tweeted former DNC data science director Andrew Therriault.

Similar sentiments were tweeted again and again by leftists who defended Black Lives Matter riots as “peaceful” even as cities burned and people were murdered in the streets.

“They are now taking down the American flag in the capital and replacing it with a MAGA flag. Shoot. Them. All,” said Forbes contributor Vincent Frank.

Spotify sportscaster Walter Salcido was even more succinct with his message: “Shoot them.”

Hollywood director Rod Blackhurst was also among those calling for the blood of his fellow citizens. “Please just f**king shoot them all. Please.”

We wonder if any of these people felt a tinge of remorse after a woman was shot and killed later in the day. We wonder if they ever stopped to consider why they were so eager to call for violent revenge and retribution on Wednesday and so horrified by the idea that the military would step in and stop the riotous rampages of this summer.

We’re guessing that fashion blogger Bryan Yambao experienced no such reflection, judging from this post: “Just shoot them all! Use those guns. That’s what they are there for, not to kill innocent black people sleeping in their homes.”

And that’s probably also true of author B.J. Mendelson, who tweeted, “The central problem is that these white supremacist terrorists, and lets be clear, that is what they are, have faced zero consequences at any point. That needs to end. Shoot them.”

Imagine if anyone in mainstream circles had suggested this summer that Black Lives Matter protesters were wilding out because they had never had to face “consequences” for their actions. The howls of condemnation would be heard from space.

We weren’t thrilled (to say the least) with the scenes that unfolded at the Capitol on Wednesday, but it sure did expose a great deal of hypocrisy from the “get rid of guns” and “defund the police” crowd. All of a sudden, it turned into “shoot them” and “where are the police?”

Anyway, welcome to 2021.

Written by Andrew

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