Federalist Editor Slams Liberal Media for BLM/Capitol Double Standard

In an interview with Fox News this weekend, The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway said that while there was no excuse for what went down at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, it was worth highlighting the unbelievable hypocrisy with which the mainstream media covered the situation. Hemingway said that the media proved once and for all that there is an intense double-standard when it comes to political violence and the way they cover it for their viewers.

“The media have generally praised takeovers from state capitols whether that was in Wisconsin in 2011, Texas in 2013, which they widely praised. Also, the attacks of the Kavanaugh confirmation process, in which the media and Democrats actually encouraged the disruption of the proceedings there, the attack on Supreme Court. Not to mention this entire summer of rage that we saw. The media not just coddling but enabling and supporting,” Hemingway told host Howard Kurtz on Sunday.

“And other people such as Democrats working to bailout rioters who took over cities, dozens of people that were killed, there was billions of dollars in damage, there were attacks on federal courthouses, federal buildings, state and local buildings, churches, businesses,” Hemingway continued.

She noted that, at the time, conservatives were harshly criticizing the left-wing media for downplaying the violence and even, in some cases, egging the rioters on.

“These are things that the media generally encouraged. It took months to get anybody on the left to condemn them and the media kept saying, ‘you have to listen to what people have to say.’ Basically saying, if you want to be heard, violence is an appropriate way to go about doing that. That also contributes to it,” she said.

Hemingway went on to criticize the crackdown on free speech which seems to be the left’s major response to the Capitol attack.

“The response to this is terrifying,” she said. “What’s happening with Twitter, big-tech oligarchs work to suppress any political opposition. Working on the day that Democrats get complete control of Washington, D.C. with the Senate. This is something that is a massive story. The media seem to generally cheerleading this as well. It’s almost a collusion between big media, big tech, and the Democratic Party to completely wipe out a political movement that has 75 million Americans in it.”

What’s shocking is how fast it’s happening.

Almost as if they had it set, aimed, and ready to go long before Wednesday…

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