NeverTrump Loser: We Need “Accountability for the Violence” of Republicans

Lincoln Project co-founder, former Republicans, and full-time windbag loser Steve Schmidt appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to gloat about Trump’s second impeachment and proclaim that Democrats should never unify with the traitorous members of the Republican Party. Rejecting Joe Biden’s call for Americans to unite in the aftermath of the Trump presidency, Schmidt made it clear that he’s out for revenge.

“A lot of these members on the Republican side say now we need unity. There will be no unity with seditionists. The only thing we offer them is the chance for them to apologize and retire from public life. That’s the only thing we can do. Only two ways to win a fight: to bring your opponent to defeat through submission, or they get you through exhaustion,” he said.

Well, we’re certainly exhausted from hearing these NeverTrump RINOs blather on for the last five years, so if that’s what he’s getting at…

“But the pro-democracy side cannot be the gentle side of the debate,” he continued. “And so when Lindsey Graham or Kevin McCarthy say, ‘oh, now we need unity, we need to lower the temperature,’ what we need in this country is accountability. The accountability for the poison of the belief, accountability for the violence done to the people of the United States, accountability for what the desecration of what Joe Biden, the President-Elect, called the citadel of democracy, accountability for the desecration of the floor of the House of Representatives and the floor of the United States Senate. We have a long, difficult struggle in this country ahead with this.”

We don’t necessarily disagree with any of this if we’re talking about the yahoos who went inside the Capitol, the doofuses dressed up as Vikings, the idiot walking around with the lectern, or the rest of them. But it seems that Schmidt is talking about President Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress, so that’s where we have to part ways. Sorry, but there’s no legitimate connection between their actions and those of the rioters last Wednesday. The Democrats (and people like Schmidt, if he doesn’t consider himself a Democrat yet) are using this as a political cudgel, and it’s not right.

“At the end of the day, if there’s going to be unity in this country, there must be accountability,” he said again. “We will run a campaign that is designed to impose as much pain at the right places as possible, that that will be accomplished. And if not, then we’ll attack them in the public airwaves, on TV, digitally, every day until they’re up for election and the voters in those states can — can decide what to do about them. We will do everything we can to make the burden so heavy that the Republicans that are left in there will drop these people because it’s in their self-interest to do.”

He’s talking about the Lincoln Project, of course, and their zeal to “punish” anyone who ever worked for the Trump administration. This is, by the way, one of the most disturbing “projects” we’ve ever seen receive attention and admiration from the mainstream media (which is really saying something).

In any event, this is why those few House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are so lost. Even after all this time and all this evidence, they still don’t seem to understand what they’re up against in Washington. Well, either that…or they truly just don’t give a damn.

Written by Andrew


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