Adam Schiff: Trump Should Never Get Another Intelligence Briefing

On Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that President Donald Trump should have his access to intelligence briefings taken away immediately and for the rest of his life. Schiff, who is a strange spokesman for how an elected official should comport himself with respect to classified material, said that the nation is not safe as long as Trump has access to the briefings.

“There’s no circumstance in which this president should get another intelligence briefing — not now, not in the future,” Schiff said. “I don’t think he can be trusted with it now and, in the future, he certainly can’t be trusted. Indeed, there were, I think, any number of intelligence partners of ours around the world who probably started withholding information from us because they didn’t trust the president would safeguard that information and protect their sources and methods.”

Schiff continued: “That makes us less safe. We’ve seen this president politicize intelligence, and that’s another risk to the country.”

It’s not easy to think of another man in Washington who has politicized intelligence with the eagerness of Adam Schiff, but we assume that’s different because of reasons.

The California lawmaker’s remarks were inspired by a Washington Post op-ed written by former national intelligence official Susan Gordon. She, too, claimed that Trump should be stripped of his security clearances immediately after leaving office.

“My recommendation, as a 30-plus-year veteran of the intelligence community, is not to provide him any briefings after Jan. 20. With this simple act — which is solely the new president’s prerogative — Joe Biden can mitigate one aspect of the potential national security risk posed by Donald Trump, private citizen,” Gordon wrote.

“For four years, as president, he has received — or had opportunity to receive — every single piece of information and analysis that the intelligence community produced, regardless of compartment or classification,” she continued. “It is hard to overstate the value of what he has read and heard. His post-White House ‘security profile,’ as the professionals like to call it, is daunting.”

Gordon said that the risks of allowing Trump continued access to national intelligence were too great to ignore.

“I do not make this recommendation casually,” Gordon said. “It is based on my deep understanding of threats to national security, on decades protecting our people and interests overseas, and my experience deploying technical means to counter our adversaries.”

To be clear, this has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with their fear that Trump will launch merciless criticism at Biden’s doubtlessly-terrible foreign policy agenda. Well, that and they don’t want word getting out about just how compromised Biden is, China-wise.

The fear these folks have of Trump borders on hysterical. On the other hand, they may be right to be afraid. Try as they might, however, we don’t think they’re going to be able to keep this guy quiet.

Or his 74 million supporters.

Written by Andrew


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