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Rep. Dan Crenshaw Blasts Joe Biden’s First Day as President

In a tweet criticizing a long slate of executive orders signed by President Joe Biden shortly after the inauguration, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said that the new president’s actions would help just about everyone other than Americans struggling in the midst of a pandemic and a slowing economy.

“Who this agenda helps,” Crenshaw tweeted. “Paris Agreement – > China, European diplomats. Cancel Keystone -> Russian oligarchs. No wall -> illegal immigrants. Working class American priorities, small businesses reopening and recovering….nowhere to be found.”

Among Biden’s Day One orders were actions repealing President Trump’s ban on travel from terrorist-stuffed nations, a 100-day mask mandate for all federal government buildings, an immediate halt to any further border wall construction, and an extension of the pause on student loan collections.

In addition, Biden’s orders signaled an allegiance to a pandering social justice agenda, starting with his dissolution of Trump’s 1776 Commission, which was aimed at getting divisive critical race theories out of schools and workplaces.

The order said it was eliminating “President Trump’s damaging executive order limiting the ability of federal government agencies, contractors and even some grantees from implementing important and needed diversity and inclusion training.”

In a statement, the new White House promised more on this front: “Additional actions in the coming weeks will restore and reinvigorate the federal government’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. The president-elect’s equity agenda is grounded in advancing racial justice and building back better for communities who have been underserved, including people of color and Americans with disabilities, LGBTQ+ Americans, religious minorities, and rural and urban communities facing persistent poverty.”

This statement, of course, is the very opposite of the “unity” that Biden promised in his inaugural speech and counter to vow to be a president for “all Americans.” It is already clear that Biden is far less interested in bringing the country together than he is in following the Black Lives Matter wind to whatever communist pond it takes us.

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