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Poor Nancy: Pelosi Watches Yet Another Impeachment Attempt Crash and Burn

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stood by helplessly on Saturday as her second attempt to impeach and convict Donald Trump ended in predictable failure with a 57-43 vote in the U.S. Senate. Pelosi, who should have tendered her resignation immediately upon hearing the result of the vote, took to her soapbox instead and accused every Republican who voted for Trump’s acquittal of cowardice.

“What we saw in that Senate today was a cowardly group of Republicans who apparently have no options, because they were afraid to defend their job, respect the institution in which they serve,” Pelosi said.

Asked if she would put her support behind a vote to censure Trump, Pelosi lashed out.

“Censure is the slap in the face of the constitution,” Pelosi said. “It lets everybody off the hook. All these cowardly senators who couldn’t face up to what the president did and what was at stake for our country are now going to have a chance to give a little slap on the wrist? We censure people for using stationary for the wrong purpose. We don’t censure people for inciting insurrection that kills people in the Capitol.”

Pelosi was particularly harsh when it came to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted to acquit Trump before lambasting him in a speech.

“January 6th was a disgrace,” McConnell said after the vote. “American citizens attacked their own government. They used terrorism to try to stop a specific piece of democratic business they did not like. Fellow Americans beat and bloodied our own police. They stormed the Senate floor. They tried to hunt down the Speaker of the House. They built a gallows and chanted about murdering the Vice President.

“They did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth — because he was angry he’d lost an election,” he continued. “Former President Trump’s actions preceding the riot were a disgraceful dereliction of duty…There is no question that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day.”

Pelosi said that McConnell himself was responsible for the trial delay that he later used as an excuse not to convict.

“On January 15, the House Impeachment Managers were gathered to deliver the Article of Impeachment. They were told that because the Senate was closed the Article could not be received,” Pelosi said. “It is so pathetic that Senator McConnell kept the Senate shut down so that the Senate could not receive the Article of Impeachment and has used that as his excuse for not voting to convict Donald Trump.“

But as much as Pelosi might like to ride her high horse into the sunset, the fact remains that she couldn’t seal the deal. That makes her a two-time loser, and she will go down in history as someone who relentlessly abused the Constitution to further her partisan agenda.

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