What Does Socialist Sanders Think of Cuba Now?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is a socialist.  That is not my appellation.  That is what he calls himself.  He aligns with the Democratic Party – especially when he wants to run for President of the United States.  When that fails, Sanders returns to his socialist safe place.

As a socialist, Sanders is often in praise of socialist nations.  In the days when Russian communism was a rising threat, Sanders traveled to Russia with love – not in the sense of the James Bond movie.  He spent what he called his “very strange honeymoon” in the old Soviet Union with his second and current wife in 1988.  On that trip, he praised the Kremlin for their devotion to universal healthcare – bad as it was.

With another of Sanders’ favorite socialist dictatorships under protest from its own people, what does he think of Cuba today? We know what he thought in the past.  He praised the brutal regime of Fidel Castro for the nation’s literacy programs and universal healthcare.

When pressed on his praise of Cuba, Sanders responded that those are good things.  One might be inclined to compare that to the praise of Hitler for producing the Volkswagen or Mussolini for getting the trains to run on time.

Of course, literacy was limited to communist propaganda and the healthcare compared favorably only to that provided in worst third-world countries.  It is not even close to the quality of healthcare provided in the United States and other free-market capitalist nations.

With the greatest uprising against the regime in Havana, it was only natural that the media would ask Sanders what he thought now of that paradigm of socialism.  And they did.

Sanders’ said he believes in the right of people to protest.  That was a non-response to the question, of course.  He still could not make himself criticize the despotic regime.  He avoided addressing the stark failure of socialism in a nation that he once admired.

It is beyond me why the people of Vermont keep sending Sanders to the United States Senate as their representative.  Of course. Vermont has a reputation for odd-ball politics. I once suggested that the only thing that has kept them from being kicked out of the union of states is Maple Syrup. 

Sanders’ is America’s Pied Piper of socialism.  But there is a reason – a good reason – why Sanders is a stand-alone figure in the Senate – and Cuba is the latest example of his misguided political theology.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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