What Was Biden Doing While Afghanistan Crumbled?

There are a great deal of problems that America and the world around are facing today. With rising inflation, covid cases and crime rates, water and energy shortages, droughts and fires, combined with the border crisis as well as the Taliban take over of Afghanistan, the President of the United States Joe Biden has decided that this is an ideal time to leave office and take a two weeks long vacation to Delaware. 

From reporting by The Conservative Brief, this comes as multiple crises are striking his administration.  Inflation for businesses just hit a new high last month of 7.8%. In July alone, US Customs and Border Patrol had apprehended around 210,000 migrants attempting to enter the country illegally. Hospitals across the nation are seeing maxed out occupancy due to the covid pandemic and, as reported from Fox News, cities like Chicago and Washington DC are seeing numbers of homicide cases surpass deaths from covid. Some of the largest fires ever recorded are breaking out across the west, as well as water shortages for cities in the area hit hardest by record droughts. 

All of this together comes too at a time that the Taliban in Afghanistan continue to rapidly take over control from the governments there as the United States has decided to leave war efforts in the land. The Taliban has taken over a majority of the nation, with the main city of Kabul said to have the potential to fall within the coming weeks or even days. 

A report from the Daily Wire said, “The Taliban now controls the majority of the country as it is rapidly seizing capital cities in the nation’s numerous provinces. The administration is now reportedly pleading with the terrorists to spare the US Embassy in Kabul and is having to send troops back into the nation to help evacuate Americans. European nations are already hardening resistance against the notion of having a massive surge of Afghan nationals coe to their countries amid a refugee crisis sparked by the rapidly deteriorating situation.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News today that, “From Feb. 29, 2020, the day we signed our first agreement with the Taliban, not a single American was killed by them. Not one. Today, the Biden administration is reportedly pleading with the Taliban not to kill our diplomats as they depart. It’s not simply weak, it’s dangerous.”

Pompeo continued, “In contrast, it appears Team Biden may not have planned adequately. They look panicked. This will embolden the Taliban and encourage Al Qaeda. The Biden Administration’s sending of over 3,000 American troops back into Afghanistan is a result of poor planning and poor leadership in attempting to execute an operation that had been set up for success by the Trump administration.”

Now, the Taliban has been seizing military equipment from the United States that was initially given to the government of Afghanistan to protect itself from a situation just like this. Using our equipment, it has continued to advance over cities across the nation as they prepare to attempt to take over Kabul. 

A televised event featuring the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani shows him desperately seeking help from the international community for support against the Taliban advance. This came as the Taliban had seized some of the largest cities in the nation over the past week from both the north and the south, effectively surrounding and closing in on the city of Kabul. 

With US military forces going back to Afghanistan to help Kabul and aid in the escape from the US Embassy, the situation is becoming ever more dire as days continue to move in the wrong direction. The war efforts were originally set to finish by the end of August, but from the looks of things today that will be far from the case in the region. 

Even worse, reporting from The US News says that China is planning on supporting the Taliban if the city of Kabul falls. The Chinese Communist Party is preparing to formally recognize the insurgents if they claim a victory over the region. It has already increased business with them over the past months since the US decided to leave the nation, and all of this news reveals even more of how serious a threat this situation has become in just a short period of time. 

Despite all of this, Joe Biden has left for his summer vacation. The White House continues to claim that Biden will be updated on the situation in Afghanistan as it unfolds, but Biden himself has made no statements to the public about the deteriorating situation since Tuesday. Despite criticism from officials across the nation, Bidens R&R plans seem to be what is moving forward for him and his life. 

Republican Rob Wittman of Virginia recently said, “In less than a year, President Biden has created multiple crises which continue to rage on without any discernible plan. Now, it appears his plan is to hide away in Delaware as the American people suffer under his ineptitude.”

Sorry people of America. Sorry people of Afghanistan. Biden has got better things to do than spending any more time or effort thinking about you for now. He needs to relax and take a break first.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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