The Most Banned Woman in the World

A congressional candidate for Florida’s 21st district stood out amongst the crop of 2020 challengers looking to unseat an incumbent, in that the woman in question has been deemed unsuitable to see or hear by many of our favorite names in media.

Surprisingly, Laura Loomer, 27, of Delray Beach Florida, has experienced an incredible number of bans over the past few years. According to Mrs. Loomer’s campaign page, the “Jewish Conservative investigative journalist and activist” is banned from “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, Medium, TeeSpring, and even Chase Bank.”

Regardless of the arguments for or against tech companies being permitted to ban users, especially those running for office, Mrs. Loomer’s success in garnering a nearly 40% result in the 2020 election shows the disconnect between these large companies and the American people.

When considering the possible reach candidate Loomer lost with her inability to utilize the services banned to her, one has to wonder if democracy is possible when there is an imbalance in treatment from the various tech companies.

As a thought, imagine an America in 1964, but with our modern behaviors regarding de-platforming. Could we call such a society a fair and functioning democracy if political candidates of one orientation were refused access to the handful of existing stations? Would LBJ have defeated Barry Goldwater if the networks banned his now-famous “Daisy” political ad?

With many brands and services in existence, a great deal of confusion over diversity occurs. The truth is, we don’t live a world very different than that with 6 news stations.

5 companies control 90 percent of the media we’re likely to consume. If those 5 conglomerates ban access to those of a specific orientation, one endorsed by at least 40 percent of Florida’s 21st, a fair and functional democratic election is not occurring.

Regardless of subjective justifications for a ban, an incredible advantage is given to a candidate when their opponent has been either partially or completely de-platformed. For people celebrating the continuation of democracy, many Americans seem unconcerned over 5 holding-companies controlling the propagation of information in our country.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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