George Soros Donations Soar To $1M Supporting Liberal Pro-Newsom Efforts

Liberal billionaire George Soros has donated an additional $500,000 to an entity backing California Gov. Gavin Newsom, financial disclosure records reveal, according to Fox News.

Soros donated the massive sum to the “Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom” organization on Monday, according to the outlet, which noted that the move came on top another half million dollars that he had previously supplied.

On the recall ballot, voters will indicate whether they believe Newsom should be removed and they will also vote for a potential replacement candidate.

If a majority of voters seek to oust Newsom from office, he will be ejected more than a year before his current term is slated to conclude and the candidate with the most votes will become the state’s new governor who will serve out the remainder of Newsom’s term. But if half or more of the votes oppose recalling Newsom, he will retain his position.

Newsom would not be the first Golden State governor to be recalled. California voters successfully recalled Democratic Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 and replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A recent Trafalgar Group survey of “Likely Ballot Casters in [the] 2021 Recall” found that while 52% did not support removing Newsom, 44.4% did support removing him, while 3.7% were undecided. The survey was carried out August 26-29 and had a 2.98% margin of error.

Dozens of individuals are vying for the opportunity to replace Newsom, including talk radio host Larry Elder who is one of the many Republican candidates competing in the election contest.

Of the six candidates listed on the Trafalgar group survey, Elder received the most support (29.2%) when people were asked which candidate they would most likely back to replace Newsom if the current governor is removed from office. Democrat Kevin Paffrath received 22% and was the only other individual listed to secure double digit support. A whopping 30.3% of people were undecided.

If he becomes governor, Elder would be the state’s first black governor.

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