Tucker Carlson Slams CDC’s New Language Guide – ‘It Dehumanizes People’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new language guide, calling it “all political” and an attempt “to strip people of their individual identity.”

The CDC published new “health equity” guidelines aimed at spreading “inclusive communication”  and “non-stigmatizing language.”

“The point is to dehumanize and segregate millions of people into arbitrary categories in the name of empowering them,” Carlson said. “Aldous Huxley caught on to this a long time [ago]. ‘To be able to destroy with good conscience. To be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior righteous indignation — this is the height of psychological luxury,’ which is deep and true in this case.”

Carlson said the “unelected” organization is “more powerful than the United States Congress.” 

“This is social control masquerading as sensitivity,” Carlson said. “As always, we would laugh it off, but there is nothing funny about the CDC at this point …”

The new guide looks at thirteen new ways to describe groups and terms such as using “persons who use drugs/people who inject drugs” instead of “drug-users/addicts/drug abusers.” In addition, it suggests using terms like “people experiencing homelessness” instead of “homeless people/the homeless.”

The CDC also suggests people to refer to a person of race, color or ethnicity by “persons.” For instance, instead of saying Whites, blacks, or Latinos the public health department’s new guide says to use “black persons,” “white persons,” or “persons of multiple races.”

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