Donald Trump Gives Himself a Makeover

Donald Trump is keeping his eyes set on the future as he ponders another presidential run in 2024. Besides assembling a team around him to help him campaign, there’s another area in his life he’s reportedly working on — his appearance. The former president apparently wants to freshen up his image a bit before hitting the campaign trail with a little bit of healthy living and a few makeover details.

The 45th president has always been known for his signature hairdo, orange appearance and sometimes ill-fitting suits, but he’s changing all of that behind the scenes, according to Business Insider. 

After the leaving the White House, Trump has lost some of the weight that crept up on him during his administration from the stress and “all those M&Ms” on Air Force One. “He’s a big man with a big frame, and he’s lost a lot of weight,” a current advisor told the publication. “I can’t tell you how much, but it’s a lot. You can see it in his suits.”

Another change is getting rid of the spray tan because he has access to the Florida sunshine while he’s living at Mar-a-Lago — and yes, lots and lots of golf.

And he’s also eased up on the hair dye and letting a little natural gray show through to present a fresh image if he decides to run. “I think there’s something to be said about no longer having the weight of the free world on your shoulders,” the insider added. But with looking better and feeling healthier, does Trump really want to give it a go and face all of that stress again?

One person in his camp who isn’t on board with another White House campaign is wife Melania Trump, who has made it very clear her political days are over. “Being first lady again is not what she wants,” said a Trump insider to CNN. “For her, it was a chapter — and it’s over, and that’s that.” It remains to be seen whether Trump is all-in or testing the waters, but his new look might be signaling a return to the political fray

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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