NY Subway Vigilante Says Rittenhouse Trial is “a Sham” and Politically Motivated

Infamous New York “Subway Vigilante,” Bernie Goetz says the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a politically motivated sham perpetrated to “satisfy a mob.” 

The stunning murder trial for Kyle Rittenhouse — the young man facing charges for fatally shooting two people and wounding a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is “a sham at best,” Goetz told Fox News Digital.

Goetz, who, like Rittenhouse, argued self-defense after shooting four black teenagers back in 1984, recently spoke to Fox News Digital by phone when he was questioned if the purpose of the trial was “to satisfy a mob.” 

“Someone has already hit you with a skateboard, and someone else is pointing a gun at you, and they are shouting that they are going to kill you. You also have a gun; wouldn’t you start pointing your gun at them?” he asked.

Rittenhouse was 17 when he and at least one friend said they traveled to the Wisconsin city from Illinois on Aug. 25, 2020, to protect local businesses and provide medical aid after two nights of businesses being looted and set on fire. 

He is charged with two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide, recklessly endangering safety, and illegal possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. He faces up to life in prison if convicted of the highest charge. 

Goetz referenced the unrest on that night and asked, “Why weren’t any of those people arrested?”

Goetz made headlines in the 1980s for shooting four Black teenagers on a New York City subway. He was riding the No. 2 subway train on Dec. 22, 1984, when he used an illegal handgun to shoot the four teens after they approached him with sharpened screwdrivers and asked him for $5. 

Goetz argued it was self-defense because the teens had intended to rob him. Dubbed “The Subway Vigilante,” he was acquitted of attempted murder during his criminal trial in 1987 but was convicted on a weapons charge and spent eight and a half months behind bars.

Speaking exclusively to Fox News, Goetz said the American legal system “should be a truth-seeking process, and prosecutors should be held to that standard.”

“That standard falls when it becomes a political trial like mine was,” he said, “and we see it happening again right now.”

Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense on Wednesday. His trial is expected to turn to the jury for deliberations as early as Friday 11/12.


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  1. I agree with Goetz’s assessment that the Rittenhouse charges and trial are a sham. He should be thanked for helping keep Americans, including himself, safe. Exactly WHY aren’t the rioters being held accountable? A nation’s mental, social and emotional well-being and progress depends on justice. Wake up, America!

      • What kind of Lame response did you give? Woke! Thinking BLM/Antifa thugs can get on a bus and travel across our Country, to Burn, Loot and Murder. Its seems all right when BLM followers can shoot a man in the Head and those same Politicians cheer it on! “Kamala Harris being one of them! Again, a Double standard when Hillary Clinton takes heat off herself (EMAILS) and have the FBI use the FAKE Evidence called the Russian Dossier to investigate Trump?? Muller investigation lasting 3 years, MSNBC & CNN running a Anti-Nancy and her Democrats banded not to pass bills of Republicans not even if the helped We The People!! But Republican Rino’s joined the Democrats. Think, why did the Democrat States turn lose BLM/ANTIFA to Riot!! The whole time this was going on in Democrat controlled States the Democrats was busy sitting up their Voter Fraud schemes using the deception of Roits. Yet, If I say anything using Social Media my 1st Amendment Rights are shut down. On the other Hand CNN, MSNBC can run a disinformation platform 24/7. None are investigate, Hillary is free, Comey is free, Clapper is free, Brennen is free, McCabe is free all lied to Congress the Media but Roger Stone was put in Jail his house raided by the FBI Guns drawn CNN camera crews HUM?? General Flynn put in Prison, Bannon. Yes Sir a Democrat can commit Murder nothing is done about it…..Obama used the IRS as a weapon against Conservatives, nut Biden is using them to against PTA Parents. Today we have the Democrat (NAZI) style ran Country forcing people to get Vaccinated or lose your job! Now Biden is forcing OSHA to enforce his Mandate even against to Supreme Court. Biden opened the Southern Border and welcomed illegals in and giving each $350K reward for breaking our Laws! Why has Biden shut down our Pipelines, upped the price of Gasoline, wanting OPEC to control us again, wanting to force the USA to Zero emissions when the USA is already one of the lowest producers of CARBON! The Biden call CHINA a 3rd World Country and gives them a pass on Climate change when China is building thousands of Coal burning Electric Power Stations. CHINA JOE Family has gotten rich off China? Medicines are made from Petroleum, Plastics are made from it, building materials OH! Thats Right Biden says just order it from CHINA~~~

    • He is in the right. Self defense as seen in the video but they will convict him on a lesser charge just to satisfy MOB justice. Why aren’t the ones that chased him, knocked him down, hit him the head, placed a foot on him to hold him down and pointed a weapon CHARGED.

  2. Most of our government and legal system have turned completely Marxist. I sure hope the jury hasn’t been too brainwashed to see through this sham. Our right to self defense is hanging by a thread.

  3. He should be charged with 2 counts of murder and attempted he went there to do what he did had no reason to be there they no he will not make it in jail

    • I agree with you. As a mere 17 yr old, he should not have been in Wisconsin with a rifle but should have been home in Illinois ——– maybe doing his homework and enjoying milk and cookies, just before bed time.

      His mother should be charged with child abuse for allowing him to go to Wisconsin and get involved in a very dangerous situation. What kind of mother allows that?

    • And you sound like the perfect leftist/libtard/ex-con/typical democrap who condones rioting,looting,burning and killing when it’s the left that’s doing it but when it comes back at you — you whine and cry like 5 year old little girls.

  4. He’s not being charged with stupidity. If that were the case every single person other than law enforcement would or should be charged. Fact is he shouldn’t have been there and the fact is he was being attacked. In the end regardless of the outcome his mother would be enduring a funeral rather than a trial. I’m not stupid enough to get myself into such a situation but had I faced the same circumstances I would have shot before being shot. Truly shows how ridiculous the leftists have become to attempt to make this about race. The shooter was white his “victims” also white so its ludicrous to call this race related. Let this be a warning to all whom might choose to carry the water for political forces. You are expendable and nobody is going to bail you out of your bad choices. You are not exempt from the law regardless of the narratives you hear on television or the internet. This is exactly what is meant by Hillary Clinton’s term “useful idiots”.

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