Looks Like The Left-Wing Media Has Been Sucker Punched…Again

There has recently arisen from the watercooler gossip crowd the notion that former President Trump might become Speaker in the aftermath of a Republican takeover of the U. S. House.  It is based on a fact relatively unknown to the general public – that you do not have to be a member of the house to be chosen as Speaker.  Of course, it never has been done.  I am not aware of any credible attempts to pick an outsider.

The idea of electing Trump Speaker of the House has been floating around social media for some time – particularly among people who love to analyze off-the-wall possibilities.  It is sort of an academic or intellectual game – like debating what it would be like if Trump had won in 2020.

The idea gained some momentum when former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows brought the parlor game up as more of a jest than a serious political strategy.  He even laughed heartily has he raised the idea.  He articulated his imagined reaction on the left.  Can you image how crazed they would be, he wondered.  

Weeell … the left gave Meadows some confirmation of their crazed reaction by taking it seriously.  The Trump-as-Speaker reports are appearing periodically on both CNN and MSNBC – using their own speculation to further demonize the Republican Party, of course.   It has become part of their political scare tactic arsenal in the east coast elitist media’s campaign to keep the GOP from gaining the House in 2022 – and the Senate.

Nothing is impossible in politics, but I am putting the odds on Trump becoming Speaker at … zero.  I do not think Trump would have anywhere near the votes to elect him Speaker – even among many of those who might be seen as Trump loyalists.  I do not believe that Trump would make a serious effort to become Speaker for two reasons.  He would know he would not garner the necessary votes and he would not want the job, in the first place.

But … he is likely to keep floating the idea out there to play on the left-wing media’s obsession with all things Trump – at least all things by which they can demean him, Republican office holders and the millions of folks who vote Republican – and will again in 2022.

This is yet another case in which the anti-Republican media is playing the cat – and the GOP is flashing the laser light on the wall.  The left is jumping around chaotically trying to capture the substance-less bright shining object as if it is a real something.

For sure, there are a number of those on the radical left who will assume as valid any report that attacks Trump, the GOP and conservatives.  Maybe it gives them a chance to avoid and distract from such uncomfortable topics as inflation, immigration, Afghanistan, Covid, supply-chain disruption, soaring crime and Russian, Chinese, North Korean and Iranian aggressions.

Having the cat jumping at the moving spot of light is entertaining … funny.  And so is watching the left-wingers pouncing on the gossip as if they have found a real issue – something of substance.  Every time one of those talking heads on the telly bring up the subject Trump as Speaker of the House, I get a good chuckle out of it.   That’s entertainment.

So, there ‘tis,

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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