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Keeping Up On Afghanistan

There is nothing President Biden would like more than to have the American people forget the fallout from his tragic surrender in Afghanistan.  He has the advantage of a large segment of the elitist east coast news media that is willing to oblige.  Regardless the ongoing tragedy continues.

With the left’s avoidance of the subject, you might suspect that it is not a pretty picture and does not reflect well on Biden.  You are correct.  The Taliban are now in total control of the country – and it is their inhumane laws, Draconian policies and state-run terrorism that has spread throughout the nation, and beyond.

For the folks trapped within the borders of Afghanistan, the Biden unilateral decision to surrender is a human tragedy of epic proportions.  There are still approximately 114 Americans who have not been able to get out of Afghanistan.  There are also the tens of thousands of our Afghan friends and supporters who were promised to be taken out.  They are being tracked down and murdered – and too often with their family members, women and children.  

And then there are the millions of Afghan people – who for 20 years were enjoying an unprecedented evolution to personal freedom and prosperity.  In just months, Biden has subjected them to a reign of terror second only what we saw in the short-lived ISIS califate spanning Iraq and Syria.

While the left – and Biden – claims to be the champion of feminist issues, they have demonstrated a shocking hypocrisy and contemptible disregard for the women in Afghanistan.  Biden had to know that the most oppressed and victimized by the Taliban would be the women and the young girls.  It did not take long for that horror to descend on the women of Afghanistan – kicked out of jobs and schools, brutalized, raped and murdered.

As in all failed states, justice is too often meted out by Muslim extremists operating as street thugs.  Public hangings are now an iconic event throughout the nation.  These are not rogue gangs, however, but groups of armed vigilantes operating with the blessing and at the direction of the Taliban leadership.  The people are often caught in the middle of the fighting between the Taliban and the even more radical and violent (if that is possible) ISIS-K.

The Afghan healthcare system has collapsed – and Covid-19 is surging.  From the time of Biden’s surrender, the cases of Covid have risen 10-fold, from approximately 4000 to 47,000.  That figure has dropped today, but world health officials attribute that to a lack of reporting by the Taliban.  

The Afghan commercial structure has collapsed – bringing food shortages and starvation.  Increasingly, the source of income is crime.  The food shortage is so bad that the UN World Food Programme is soliciting for major contributions from member nations for distribution in Afghanistan as one of the current starvation centers in the world.

Terror, oppression, disease and starvation are the modern characteristics of Afghanistan in just over six months.  The Taliban had – and still have – the military might to control the nation, but they lack the skills to govern.

The most powerful and terrifying element in Afghanistan is still the Taliban military.  Thanks to all the weapons and equipment Biden left behind for the Taliban fighters – who once were limited to machine guns on the back of pick-up trucks and home-made roadside bomb – they now have armored vehicles, helicopters and a seemingly endless number of guns and ammunition.

The threat to American national security and interests are growing.  The United States has lost its strategic intelligence assets in Afghanistan – including vital bases.  To track Taliban, ISIS-K and al Qaeda activities in Afghanistan, America must rely on “over the horizon” information.  

The inferior quality of the “over the horizon” intelligence – hyped by Biden — was tragically evident when an American drone mistakenly killed a number of innocent citizens including children and an American-friendly social worker.

The assets of Afghanistan – such as rare earth elements – are now being accessed by American adversaries, such as China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan. And speaking of Pakistan, Biden’s surrender transformed a dubious ally to a confirmed pro-Taliban adversary.

I have covered several of these topics in past commentaries, but it is important for the American people to understand how the Afghan surrender continues to devolve against the interests of the United States – and how a nation that prides itself on its humanitarianism and as a defender of democracy has made a mockery of that reputation.  And largely because of one man’s flawed policy.

So, there -tis.

Written by Larry Horist


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