Liberalist Joy Behar Thinks Segregation May Return In Texas

In the wake of a recent Supreme Court ruling that allowed a controversial Texas abortion law to remain on the books, The View host Joy Behar says she fears that returning that decision-making power to the states on abortion could set the stage for segregation returning to schools in some states.

The often controversial View host was reacting to the Supreme Court’s recent procedural ruling on Texas’s restrictive abortion law. Behar suggested states would enact racial segregation again, in defiance of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision striking down such laws.

“If they keep throwing all these things to the states, I mean, they could overturn Brown versus the Board of Education,” she said. “And bring back segregated schools if they want in some states.”

The Texas law bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and allows private individuals to bring suit in state court against people who allegedly perform abortions. The court allowed the Texas law to remain in effect while it heard a challenge about whether parties may bring suit against it before the state has actually taken enforcement actions consistent with the law; it said the lawsuit brought by abortion providers against Texas over the law could proceed.

The preliminary ruling was not a final say on the law’s constitutionality.

“Why do we need the Supreme Court? They are on a path to oblivion, it seems to me if they keep making this type of decision. Am I right about that?” Behar asked.

Guest co-host Amanda Carpenter of The Bulwark said she was pro-life but criticized the Texas law as one that fostered a culture of vigilantism.

“I’m very fearful that going into 2022 when the Court does rule –  I think they will gut Roe in some way – we won’t have a nationwide debate about abortion, we’ll have a 50-state debate about abortion,” Carpenter said.

The Supreme Court decision prompted California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D., to announce he would write a bill allowing citizens to sue those who manufacture or sell assault weapons or ghost gun kits.

Co-host Sara Haines commended Newsom for the move, even if she agreed with an assessment by some scholars that his bill won’t hold up in court.

“It shows you the Supreme Court is political and full of it … I think it’s an important piece of legislation, even if it is not going to work,” Behar said.

As for Behar’s comments equating returning abortion laws back to the states to a possible similar action regarding segregation, most congressional scholars agree that Behar is bat shit crazy.


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  1. Joy Behar, wrong again. She has no idea whether segregation will return to Texas (it won’t) but she wishes to sensationalize that it might, solely for ratings and for the idiots that might believe her. She is divisive and cares not about the damage these kinds of comments cause. She is trying to create a problem where none exists. What a worthless human being.

    • My sentiment exactly. She is a typical “airhead”. A member of the “Dumbed Down of America”. Mother always said to say something nice and even this is an exaggeration.

    • It is hilarious that she thinks the court is becoming obsolete because they did not rule the way she wanted them to. She had no problem with the 50 year liberal make up of the court. I hear/read a lot about the broken court. Ever since Trump swung the balance to the conservatives, liberals think the court is broken. They fail to see the country’s opinion on abortion is changing. Over 60% believe that there should be some restrictions on abortions. It just takes the liberals a while to catch up. They spend so much time in there own fantasy world.

  2. Joy doesn’t get that the fact she sees “racism” and “segregation” in everything is her brain is segregated from the rest of her.

  3. What an idiot she is…. She needs to read:

    1) the Constitution
    2) The Bill of Rights
    3) the Declaration of Independence
    4) The Federalist Papers

    Then and ONLY then should she comment, but only AFTER she acknowledges what she has read confers ANY and ALL to the states and the people that is NOT enumerated in the Constitution!

  4. Joy Behar and that show are jokes! She accuses Texas of starting to segregate schools by limiting abortions? That is the slippery slope that conservatives talk about on the restricting of constitutional rights, the the accepting of criminality by our government officials, and the breakdown of education. Dems and Libs all say it is not real. The other person applauds Newsome for restricting the 2nd amendment so again what they (libs) want is fine but if they are against it, they see it as BAD. Why give those idiots any attention?

  5. Hey, these black racists are always yapping about not wanting “whitey” around. They’re all for segregation. I say give the SOBs what they want. It would mean a lot less crime and on top of that no having to hear their constant bitching and complaining. And stupid left wing white idiots like this Behar shrew is welcome to segregate herself from normal people like us too.

  6. There are certain people that need to be deprogrammed from the radical punch that they have been made to drink. So, those who have drank from the same punch all need to be sent to deprogamming. You know just like AOC stated that they need to round up the children of Truvoters and put them in a camp to do the same thing.

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