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Larry Elder: Trevor Noah Latest to Play “Voter ID is Racist” Game

Add late-night comic Trevor Noah to the list of ill-informed lefties who consider voter identification a “racist” demand intended to “suppress” the black vote.

“Isn’t it interesting,” Noah said, “how every time Republicans create a voting restriction, it just so happens to disproportionately affect people of the brown-brown? … Let’s be honest, you don’t have to say who you’re targeting to target someone. You just have to know which rules are likely to hit them the most.”

Noah echoes the sentiment of then-Attorney General Eric Holder, who in 2014 characterized the call for voter ID laws as an example of “pernicious” racism. Last week, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews told Holder’s successor, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, that Republicans push voter ID laws to “screw the African-American voter.” Lynch responded: “Yes, yes — and it’s nothing new. … This is a historical issue. It’s a current issue. And it’s only history because it happened to somebody else, not because it could never happen again. That’s what’s happening now.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden called Trump’s assertion that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election a “flat lie.” But Biden did not stop there. The Republican support for voter ID, he said, was all about suppressing minority votes: “It’s what these guys are all about, man. Republicans don’t want working-class people voting. They don’t want black folks voting.” Last year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., denounced “racist voter ID laws and voter suppression tactics (that) sprout like weeds all across the country.” In a press conference in July, CNN’s April Ryan asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders: “So, Sarah, since you keep saying that the President is very concerned about the election process … you did not mention voter suppression in that. Voter suppression has been an issue for decades and particularly in these last few elections.”

Despite these alleged racist roadblocks to the ballot box, in 2008 blacks voted at a higher percentage than whites. That same year, liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote one of the majority opinions in a 6-3 case that upheld Indiana’s voter ID law, which required voters to show a photo ID — such as a driver’s license or passport — before casting their votes. Stevens recognized “flagrant examples of (voter) fraud” throughout America’s history and wrote that “not only is the risk of voter fraud real” but “it could affect the outcome of a close election.” The additional burden on voters, Stevens argued, is more than offset by “the state’s interest in counting only the votes of eligible voters.”

Blacks also support voter ID. A 2016 Gallup poll found that 77 percent of non-whites support voter ID, nearly as high as the 81 percent of whites who support it.

The fact that voter ID is legal and popular does not, of course, affect the view that it “suppresses” the minority vote. The George Soros-supported website ThinkProgress ran a story last year with this menacing headline: “New Study Confirms that Voter ID Laws Are Very Racist.”

Citing research by three professors from U.C. San Diego, Michigan State and Bucknell University, the article says: “turnout among Hispanic voters is ‘7.1 percentage points lower in general elections and 5.3 points lower in primaries’ in states with strict voter ID laws. The laws also reduce turnout among African-American and Asian-American voters. White turnout, according to their study, is ‘largely unaffected.'”

Case closed? Not exactly.

A follow-up study by researchers from Yale, Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania found no evidence that voter ID laws have a statistically significant impact on voter turnout. This study examined the methodology and conclusions of the previous study. Its researchers wrote: “Widespread concern that voter identification laws suppress turnout among racial and ethnic minorities has made empirical evaluations of these laws crucial. But problems with administrative records and survey data impede such evaluations. … We show that the results of the paper are a product of data inaccuracies (and) the presented evidence does not support the stated conclusion … When errors are corrected, one can recover positive, negative or null estimates of the effect of voter ID laws on turnout, precluding firm conclusions.”

In other words, the data do not support the notion that the “brown-brown” are too dumb, too lazy or otherwise incapable of obtaining the necessary identification to vote.

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  1. This guy, Noah, is an ignorant fool. His home country of South Africa, to which he is invited to return, requires one of three VALID AND CURRENT, government issued ID cards, all of which have photos, identifying information and a unique bar code. Each is scanned and verified before one is allowed to enter the polling station to vote.

  2. Voter ID is not racist. People must present an ID to drive a car, for doctor’s appointments, to purchase and consume alcohol, sometimes to make credit card charges, to open checking and savings accounts, to buy a home, boat, and vehicle, to purchase a gun. Must I continue with this list? Voter ID is just commonsense to verify the individual to avoid voter fraud, as well as fraud in any other form. Oh, wait! People who rant and rave that voter ID is racist have something diabolical up their sleeves to steal an election. These people don’t realize they are revealing their true intentions and plans. Idiots, are they… Really.

    • One Example of voter documented suppression by Republicans:

      By a two thirds vote the voters of Florida passed a ballot incentive that restored voting rights for 1.4 million non violent ex-felons who are US citizens that are now working and paying their taxes and raising families.

      These US citizens today are denied the right to have a voter ID card.

      The Republican Florida controlled legislature passed a poll tax law (which could amount to thousands of dollars) for ex-felons which prevented mostly minorities from voting. The Republican controlled US Supreme Court in 2020 sided with the Florida Republicans. What if you failed to pay all your taxes on time that you should be denied the right to vote.

      I suggest that all your readers check out a well documented report on 425 bills with provisions dealing with Voter Suppression in the US.

  3. Who is this guy Noah? who said he is a supposed comedian?must be like that woman on TBS samantha something with the same lame anti Trump commercials for years, thank God for Friends reruns or would never watch the channel.

    • He left his shit hole country to come here so now he talks shit about how are country operates. He should go back to where he came from. I’m sure they would welcome him.

  4. Dont know whats funny about this guy all I hear are anti Trump comments, if he werent on the same channel as reruns of Friends would never have to see his lame act.

  5. The problem with voter ID is the fact that low income persons, and students change addresses more often than persons that own houses, each time you change addresses, you have to apply for a new ID, or license, taking a day, or days off of work or school, unpaid days off most times, plus fees, on already tight budgets, transportation to and from, and other difficulties, ( having to get a birth certificate from another state) makes it more of a difficulty for some.

  6. Trevor Noah’s and Idiot. Misinformed and Incompetent. The guy doesn’t have a grasp on anything going on politically in the US, nor does he have a grasp on how the US Government functions.
    He’s Libtard trying to act like he’s moderate.

  7. No way! I mean logic and common sense aren’t applicable when it comes to race? If you are not paying attention yet then you must be Rip Van Winkle. Men are women. Men can menstruate. Voter ID is racist. Printing billions doesn’t create inflation. All white people are racist. Only whites can be racist. Opening the borders doesn’t increase illegal immigration flow of illegal drugs and doesn’t increase human trafficking. Outsourcing our energy stops climate change. Unity can be created through division. The list is seemingly endless. Nothing that has come out of the mouths of the left makes any sense and categorically untrue on each and every claim as well as being absolutely impractical in application. The entire concept that we must ignore our own common sense and not believe what our eyes see and our ears hear is beyond ludicrous. So if you haven’t yet figured it out these foolish games have real world implications and people suffer needlessly when applied to real world scenarios. Don’t be fooled and buy that the ridiculous failed policies implemented by leftists have somehow seen the errors of their ways. Their recent flip flops that were entirely predictable from the start have nothing to do with their beliefs. You can bet they haven’t changed their ideals in every the slightest way. They are simply trying to save their own bacon. The perceived awakening is another political spin that has no real ideological support behind it. Remain in Mexico policy doesn’t work if leadership isn’t dedicated to the policy and the same applies to law enforcement. No substance in anything they do. It’s nothing more than pandering to impart their own socialist agenda. Their concern is only for their own bottom lines and the power used to attain it. So while you hear racist screamed at every conservative ideal keep in mind that the woke democrats have done absolutely nothing for the people they claim to be so supportive of. Generational welfare is not a gift its a sentence that almost always guarantees a life of squalor and pain. Marginalized people are never truly free until they are financially free of governmental control.
    God Bless America

  8. funny how the blacks came out of the woodwork to vote for obama not once but twice!where was the suppression then?my black friends and a few asian and hispanics all voted in the last how do they suppress?do they randomly say you can’t vote or do they draw straws?what a joke!

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