Muslim Staffer Of AOC Posts Anti-Sematic Comments Blasting Israel

A Muslim staffer of controversial “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made antisemitic remarks blasting Israel on social media. 

Hussain Altamimi referred to Israel as a “racist European ethnostate” on his Instagram account. Altamimi joined Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s(D-N.Y) office in November as a legislative assistant, posting shortly after a picture of himself and the congresswoman on Instagram with the caption “New beginnings.”

Then, last week, Altamimi targeted Israel in an Instagram story calling the U.S.’s key Middle Eastern ally a “racist European ethnostate.”

“Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population!” Altamimi wrote on Christmas Eve, according to a screenshot obtained by Fox News Digital.

Altamimi’s antisemitic comments were in response to a post he shared from an account with the handle “Let’s Talk Palestine,” which claimed there is a “racial hierarchy” in Israel.

“This reveals the principle underpinning Israeli apartheid: It’s not about where you’re born,” the shared post reads. “It’s about whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish. Your ethnicity determines your rights [and] level in the racial hierarchy.”

“Israel is an exclusive ethnostate, established to serve one ethnic group at the expense of another,” the anti-Israel post continued.

Let’s Talk Palestine’s Instagram profile lists it as a “Nonprofit Organization,” with the group making several anti-Israel posts.

One post by the account is titled “The Ethnic Cleansing of Jerusalem” and claims Israel has been engaging in the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians since taking control of East Jerusalem in the late 1960s.

Earlier this year, AOC called Israel an “Apartheid state” and said, “Apartheid states aren’t democracies.”

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the only member of the “Squad” who has had someone on their payroll attacking Israel. Rasha Mubarak, a Palestinian activist whose firm was sent $96,000 in payments between March 2020 and March 2021 for “fundraising consulting” from Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s campaign, has repeatedly called Israel an “apartheid” state, which has been echoed by Tlaib herself.

Ocasio-Cortez’s office has declined to comment on the social media post, but if a person can be judged by the company she keeps – having someone with Altamimi’s belief’s on her staff is only further proof of her own antisemitic views! 


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  1. Do you have evidence that Israel does not privilege Jews? Or that Israeli Jewish settlers are not stealing land and property from the Palestinian indigenous people? Everything I’ve read says they are an ethno-state and they’ve been stealing land from Palestinians–throwing them out of their long time family homes and off their centuries long occupants of Palestinian land.

    To me, it seems that Jews picked up a playbook from Nazi Germany and turned it around on the Palestinians–save the “final solution”.

    • The term palestine came from the romans in 152 A.D. after they were trying to decimate the jewish people from their land. Israel is in their land. The term only described the land, not the tribes occupying it. The ‘palestinians’ didn’t even care about the Holy Land until the rightful owners started coming home. The occupiers are still the ‘palestinians’.

      • the muslims come for first time in middle east at yr.700 and jews are there for MORE THAN 2000 YRS!!! WHERE THEY ARE ABOUT 2000 YRS. AGO???????NOWHERE!!! THEY NON EXIST!!!

    • Palestinian is a made up group. They were Jordanians never wanting their own land, and until the six day war their aim ,was to destroy Israel. Their goal has never changed.
      While you’re at it show me one Muslim majority country where any other group other than Muslim has any privileges. Lebanon was a good place to live until Muslims became the majority and destroyed the country.

    • If for no other reasons – and there are others – the Arabs/Palestinans attempted to capture, own, evict, annihalate LEGAL CITIZENS/RESIDENTS of a SOVEREIGN, LEGAL, RECOGNIZED INDEPENDENT STATE OFFICIALLY named ISRAEL….when they started a war – 1967 -Israel defeats Egypt , Syria , and Jordan in the Six Days ‘ War , gaining control of the West Bank , Sinai Peninsula , Gaza Strip , and Golan Heights … The Arabs/palestinians were certain the arab countries would easily defeat tiny Israel. TO THIS DAY – .all these years later…are crying over spilt milk and can;t get over displaying SOUR GRAPES!!! Israel WON ALL THOSE AREAS as the spoils of war. What other country is “condemend, forced, required,”….to turn over spoils won “fairly???
      The arabs/palestiniansvwho CHOOSE to flee – became VOLUNTARY refugees – as they were invited to stay. Isn”t it telling that those refugees who chose to go to Jordan STILL are treated as refugees, have NO rights, live in camps…..and the world AND the Ignorant US reps flap their tongues!!! No land was stolen…Israel does NOT have refugee camps….arab/palestinian citizens of Israel have rights for women, minorities………….and even those of OTHER religions fare well in Israel…. Christians & Bahai for instance.
      A note to the losers: – get over it. You lost.,. you even refer to it as your dqy of embarassement. YUP, and to the winner go the spoils and Israel has developed into a 21st C powerhouse technologicaly and otherwise…. …what have you done with Gaza?????? hahahaha .

  2. AOC and the other squad members do not belong in our Congress. Biden and Harris do not Belong in the white house either. They all have anti-semiitic backgrounds. Your voters who voted them in need to wake up. You may not have like Trump’s personality but you should’ve liked his policies because look where we are today after Biden took revenge against what was working. I’m so fed up I can’t believe it. I’m an independent now but I so glad I left the Democratic Party in after two years of Obama.

  3. AOC, the rest of the squad and their racist anti-semitic staff are more than welcome to leave our country, and join those that think like they do, somewhere far from here! I’m sure we could raise the funds to send all of them elsewhere since they hate our country and our allies so much — good riddance to them all!

  4. I just posted a true history of Israel here and, Surprise! They didn’t allow it. I should have known better to post the truth.

  5. Study history. The 1947 partition of a Jewish state and a Palestinian state was immediately responded to by the Arabs attacking Israel. When Israel conducts operations or policies you refer to as from the Nazi playbook, you’re ignoring the fact that those being pursued by Israel have stated their wish to destroy it. A page from the Nazi playbook will be fulfilled by Iran when Iran fires missiles at Israel, and Israeli and US anti-missiles drop them right on top of the Palestinians.

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  7. So when are Jews like Schumer and Schiff going to start standing up to the anti semitic bigots in their own party?

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