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Trump Fires Back at Biden’s January 6 Anniversary Speech

On the first anniversary of the attack, President Biden pulled no punches in pinning the blame for the out-of-control January 6 capitol riot on Donald Trump.

However, the former President fired back and said that Biden’s attacks on him were a lame attempt to distract Americans from Biden’s own abysmal performance during his first year in office.

Biden “used my name today to try to further divide America,” Trump said in a statement. “This political theater is all just a distraction for the fact Biden has completely and totally failed.”

“Our Country no longer has Borders, has totally and completely lost control of Covid (record numbers!), is no longer Energy Independent, Inflation is rampant, our Military is in chaos, and our exit, or surrender, from Afghanistan was perhaps the most embarrassing day in the long and distinguished history of the United States—and so much more,” Trump continued.

Biden, in a speech delivered the morning of the January 6 anniversary, took several shots at Trump, saying he “created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election,” and that he did this “because he values power over principle; he sees his own interest as more important than America’s interest; his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our Constitution.”

In his response, the former President took a shot at the House committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021, repeating his claims that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged.”

Trump concluded by claiming that Democrats “want to own this day” in order to “stoke fears and divide America.”

“I say, let them have it,” Trump said, stating that “America sees through” their words and actions.


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  1. Trump’s attack on Biden’s own abysmal performance during his first year in office.
    So what has Biden accomplished in his first-year?

    Provided $1400 to every taxpayer and each of his or her dependents.
    Expanded coverage and reduced premiums under Obamacare for 9 million Americans.
    Expanded and extended unemployment.
    Increased SNAP benefits.
    Increased and expanded Child Tax Credit.
    Made largest investment in childcare assistance since World War II.
    Increased the Earned Income Tax Credit for front-line workers who helped their communities through the COVID crisis.
    Invested $160 billion on supplies and vaccines to combat COVID.
    Distributed $360 billion to local governments to help keep front line public workers on the job and paid.
    Provided emergency grants and loans to hard-hit small businesses.
    Established a special sign-up period for the Affordable Care Act, adding 800,000 previously uninsured.

    Makes the largest federal investment in public transit ever.
    Makes the largest federal investment in passenger rail. since the creation of Amtrak.
    Makes the single largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system.
    Makes the largest investment in clean drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in American history.
    Ensures every American has access to reliable high-speed internet.
    The largest investment in clean energy transmission and Electric Vehicle infrastructure in history.
    Helps us tackle the climate crisis with the largest investment in clean energy transmission.
    Will create a new agency to build a resilient clean 21st century electric grid.
    Will improve wireless technology used to connect all devices to the internet and for 1,000’s of schools across the country.

    In 2022 my Social Security check got an increase.

    I look forward toward the hearings and listen to the testimony under oath to learn the real truth.

    • You got a huge increase in your SS because INFLATION had skyrocketed out of control, and it still is. All the other claims to Biden were started by Trump and held over by Pelosi to make sure they happened in Biden’s term. Check out Yuma Arizona for the thousand percent increase in illegals pouring thru the city thanks to Biden’s ineffective border plans and Harris’s great investigation. You should pay more attention to what is really happening instead of drinking the Kool-Aid.

    • The-nottruth — Are you living in a fantasy world ????? If you are trying to credit the pedophile for your so-called accomplisments forget it. You can’t just print money or keep on printing money with no consequences. Your “all-electric” fiasco is going to fall right on it’s face just like the “climate change” scam itself– total BS !!!!! Social security goes up or should go up every years, the pedophile had nothing to do with that. Also Trump started helping small businesses which the demo-commies let GO OUT OF BUSINESS . You need to do some real research instead of listening to a bunch of garbage.

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  3. I like the guy that said his SS check increased! With real inflation over 7% and the cost of Medicare increasing from 148 to 170, how is a 5.9% increase going to help him.
    in 2016 I thought who ever was elected we would be in trouble, thankfully President Trump did much better than I expected. 2020 I knew that Biden would be the worst for our country and he has shown that he is.

  4. All the give away programs are paid by the people who pay tax’s, We received increase in social security payment under Trump administration, increase this year are due to cost of living increased, my Medicare health insurance cost increased. The Biden administration is a pathetic mess, encouraging illegal immigration, stopped wall being built,closed pipe lines, removed military from Afghan leaving Americans stranded as well Afghan refuge’s.

  5. America should dedicate Jan. 6 as a memorial for the heinous murder of Ashli Babbit. May incompetent police never again murder unarmed protesters.

  6. Oh boy! “ the truth” has no idea how all of these “programs” are bieng paid for! FYI, social security gets a cost of living raise most every year. It has nothing to do with “ gropey Joe”, if it were up to him you wouldn’t get a raise! Wake up, he is destroying our country, and that is the Obama plan, so is the “ build back better”, Piglosi let the cat out of the bag on that one. Again, WHO is paying for all of this? THE TAX PAYERS!!!

  7. to the truth, (after drinking their special punch that have people looking at Biden’s administration with rose colored, kaleidoscope glasses) who do you think is going to for all the spending you listed, you, me and every tax payer, our children and your great-great-children. You and I along with the people who pay taxes will pay for both bills that were passed, every Covid payouts, food stamps, lodging, healthcare of non citizens, if the payments really happen to the families that BROKE THE LAW, As far as inflation, I went online to order my groceries for pick up and an item I purchased three months ago for 2.15 is now 4.67. Gas prices just keep getting higher, 01/05/21, I purchase PREMIUM gas for 2.35 and the 01/05/21 the price was 3.78 in Texas.

  8. This is supposed to be for comments not ads. What is it with this cialis and viagra. As far as dumb joe is concerned he is not ruinning our country. China is. China is paying him for this. That is why d election was stolen. In black and white, clear as day. No ifs, ands or buts.

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