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CDC Issues Confusing New Guidance

Wear a cloth face mask. No, only N95 respirator masks will do. Okay, fine – wear a cloth face mask with a surgical mask underneath it. But no matter what you do, don’t show your face in public. That’s really bad. 

If you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19, quarantine in isolation for a week. If you’re recovered from having COVID yourself, stay home an additional five days. And then when you go out in public, avoid all people who might potentially have a disease or health condition that you can’t possibly discern by a cursory visual examination in order to prevent infecting them. This includes women who are pregnant, so by all means – ask random women when their baby is due. They really like that. 

 Also, schools should cancel sports and singing. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued another updated yet confusing guidance on how people should conduct themselves to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But by this point in a two-year global pandemic, are we actually thinking that some people haven’t been exposed to and/or recovered from COVID? Pretty sure it’s swept through all populations, whether they wore a homemade face mask or medical grade PPE. 

Nonetheless, the CDC has forged ahead with advising people to continue with quarantine policies and wear mask(s) in public in an effort to halt the rise of cases due to the omicron variant. Positive COVID cases have risen dramatically in recent weeks, which led to panic among certain circles. But the statistics are notorious for including all patients who had COVID with another condition and weren’t necessarily hospitalized for COVID. The death count also included suspected COVID deaths as well as patients who died from another cause, such as a heart attack, but happened to test positive for COVID as well. 

Dr. William Schaffner, who has advised the CDC for four decades, told CNN that it’s “unlikely, unreasonable, and unrealistic” to surmise that Americans will follow the agency’s new suggestions. 

“As we say in Tennessee, that dog won’t hunt,” said Schaffner, who works as an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

The CDC advised schools to cancel football and wrestling in areas that are experiencing high transmission of COVID. They also recommend canceling band practice and performances, since they are considered “high-risk extracurricular activities…in which increased exhalation occurs, such as activities that involve singing, shouting, band, or exercise, especially when conducted indoors.” 

Fortunately for our country’s students, who have been through enough uncertainty and trials for one childhood, schools are not canceling sports and band. Paul Imhoff, a school superintendent in Ohio and president of The School Superintendents Association, told CNN that schools have taken measures to stop COVID-19, but he doesn’t know of any schools that have cancelled activities such as football, band, or choir. He said that these extracurriculars are “important to students’ mental health.” 

Hopefully, the trend of going with common sense and freedom will continue to override the CDC’s seemingly arbitrary and restrictive guidelines. 


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  1. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why we are trying to control the spread of a moderately dangerous virus. Isn’t that the whole idea, that if everyone is exposed and recovers, the pandemic will pass into history?

    • Read every article you can find THEN use your OWN COMMON SENSE. If you are in any way at risk, Take reasonable precautions just like you would anything else. People die of colds that turn into pneumonia if they are at risk for breathing complications. Common flu can kill those who have other serious ailments. This is NO different. The Vaccines are the problem, they alter what you have naturally and can lead to heart risk in otherwise healthy bodies. You cannot mess with natural bodies and expect to not have complications. When man messes with God and Mother Nature, they will push back and show you how wrong you are.

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  4. WHO, CDC, Dr. Fauci, Biden Administration, and China. There are others that are just stupid. No common sense. They just have to spout something out of their potholes everyday. Just leave people alone. Most people got the shots. Those that did not. It’s their body. If the elites are going to tell others what to do. Then the non elites can ask for our money back from these overpaid dirtbags.

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