Israel Says 4th COVID Jab Offers Little or No Protection Against Omicron

In Israel, where health they have advocated a fourth COVID booster shot, health experts there are now saying that the 4th jab offers little or no additional protection against the omicron variant.

One of the first countries to roll out vaccinations a year ago, Israel recently started offering a fourth shot – also known as a second booster – to its most vulnerable and high-risk groups. It has held off on expanding the offer to the wider population.

A preliminary study just published by Israel’s Sheba Medical Center found that the fourth shot increases antibodies to even higher levels than the third but “probably” not enough to fend off the highly transmissible omicron variant. However, despite these findings, a senior health official said Israel will continue to offer a fourth COVID-19 vaccine shot to its most vulnerable populations.

Health Ministry director-general Nachman Ash described the Medical Center’s findings as “unsurprising, to a degree,” as omicron infections had been logged in some people after they received fourth doses.

But “protection from serious morbidity, especially for the elderly population and at-risk population, is still afforded by this vaccine and therefore I call on people to keep coming to get vaccinated,” he told Army Radio.

In a statement, the Sheba Medical Center said that even though the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in use today did not provide optimal infection protection against omicron, “it is important to continue vaccinating the at-risk population.”

As elsewhere, Israel has seen COVID-19 cases spiral due to omicron. But it has logged no deaths from the variant, and Ash said there had been no increase in the number of COVID-19 patients on ECMO machines – a gauge of the most critical cases.

“In another week, we will begin seeing a drop in the numbers, but we still have two or three difficult weeks ahead,” he said, adding that some Health Ministry computers had been overloaded by the volume of testing data.  

Hoping to reduce strain on the economy, Israel cut its mandatory quarantine period for COVID-19 carriers to five days. To conserve PCRs and reduce queuing at public testing sites, it has encouraged more use of home antigen kits. 


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  1. None of the vaccines have been effective so far,most of the friends and relatives we know that contracted covid had at least 2 vaccines and some had three, so what are we supposed to believe ? so far natural immunity is the only thing that works

  2. It is a pity, the country I love most FORCED!!!!! vaccines in the people UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! good bye freedom, hitler must be celebrating in his tomb…the final solution, the worst part is that it was done FOR POLITICAL REASONS and not actually to protect the citizens, they scared them forced them, closed the borders etc. Something I would have NEVER EXPECTED for my loved Irsael. BUSHA BE HERPAH

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