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Most Americans Believe Biden Is Incapable Of Running The Country

On the heels of even member of his own party saying that the Democrats are in for a resounding defeat in the upcoming midterm elections, a new poll released says that the majority of Americans give President Joe Biden a “failing grade” and feel that he is incapable of running the country.

According to a just-released Politico/Morning Consult poll, 51% disagreed with the statement that “Biden is capable of leading the country.”

In addition, about 37% of respondents gave Biden an “F,” compared to 31% who gave him either an “A” or a “B” for the past year, Politico reported.

Biden received a “C” from 18% and a “D” from nearly 12%.

Only 2% of respondents offered no grade for Biden’s first year.

Politico reported that Biden also ended his first year in office with his lowest approval rating — 40% —  compared to 56% disapproval.

Not surprisingly, Republicans were more likely than Democrats to grade Biden harshly. However, independents also graded the president poorly – a bad sign for the Dems.

More than 85% of GOP respondents gave Biden either a “D” or “F,” as did close to half of the self-identified independents.

Biden received an “A” or “B” from just 5% of Republicans and from about 25% of independents.

Democrats, though, graded the progressive Biden kindly. Only 11% of Democrats gave him either a “D” or “F.”

Still, nearly 1 in 4 Democrats — a similar percentage as independents — gave Biden a “C.”

The poor grades, of course, represent the continued polarity in the country along red and blue lines. However, the independent’s grades should be most worrisome for the Democrats come the midterms, as it was the independent vote that largely sealed the White House for Biden in 2020.

Politico reported that Biden’s numbers between men and women were barely distinguishable from one another or from his overall grades.

When respondents were asked about his performance regarding specific issues, Biden was given an “F” by 40% overall — and nearly 75% of Republicans — for his work in restoring a sense of unity within the country.

Biden also graded out poorly on immigration and the national debt, Politico said.

The most A’s Biden received on a specific issue was 18% for his handling of COVID-19 last year. Just 3% of Republicans, 20% of independents, and about 37% of Democrats gave Biden a top mark for his pandemic response.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll of 2,005 registered voters was conducted Jan. 15-16, with an overall margin of error of 2 percentage points.

A recent Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey said Biden’s overall approval ratings continued a downward slide as he approaches his one-year anniversary in office, and a plurality of respondents believe he has not handled the coronavirus pandemic as well as his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

According to the survey conducted Jan. 8-9, 44% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s overall performance, while 39% approve, giving him a net -5% approval rating. That is down two points from the same survey a month earlier when 44% disapproved and 41% approved.

Also, 49% of voters disagreed with the statement that Biden is “mentally fit.”

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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