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California Governor Bemoans “Third World Country” Conditions in LA

‘What the hell is going on here? It looks like a third world country!’ exclaimed California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) last week as he joined a cleanup crew moving along the Union Pacific railroad in east LA.

As you can see in the image above, the area is completely covered in trash left behind by thieves and the homeless. From the looks of the mess, many of the items stolen were holiday gifts. 

“We saw memories that never were,” said Newsom. “Because gifts never arrived.” 

Before visiting the tracks, Newsom promised supporters an increase in state funding to fight rail and retail theft and to clean up railroads. 

Rail theft is not a new problem for the state of California but has jumped by 160% since the start of the pandemic. The increase in theft has dramatically interrupted supply chains already damaged by the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, Union Pacific’s attempts to protect railroads with improved fencing and security measures haven’t seemed to make much of a difference. According to Newsom, there have been 280 arrests for rail theft in recent months but there should have been more. 

“What has happened on this stretch of the Union Pacific Railroad is unacceptable,” continued the governor. “How do we make sure we don’t have to keep coming back?… How do we secure this site?”

Newsom’s words seem to acknowledge the failure of policies put into place by himself and by former Governor Jerry Brown (D) to combat crime and homelessness, such as zero-cash bail for low-level offenses and a measure that effectively decriminalized the theft of goods valued at $950 or less. 

The state is also running a gun buyback program that has proven ineffective at removing weapons from the streets. 

These Democratic policies are not “deterring” or “preventing” crime, laments Lisa Smittcamp, District Attorney for Fresno County. “It’s not doing anything to stop this, which is why it just keeps getting worse and worse and we keep seeing more bold behaviors, we keep seeing more criminals who are empowered.”

“Criminals know how to exploit California’s policies for their gain,” adds Scott Wilk, head of the Republican Party in the California State Senate.


Newsome calls littered LA rail tracks ‘unacceptable,’ brings along cleanup crew

Gov. Newsom highlights $1B statewide cleanup plan amid growing frustration over homeless camps

Written by Alice Green


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  1. Gee Gavin–you finally noticed! You may be ‘Sleepy Jr

    What you witnessed yesterday is the aftermath of a train that left the station a looooooong time ago under CA Democratic controlled and run California

    I would say the first faint sign of what you saw yesterday manifested itself 25 years ago when
    homeless people broke the law andsimply began to commandeer store’s shopping carts for their personal closets
    And noone said a thing & it, along with other transgressions at the expense of other people’s rights, became
    their right

    That was then .& now we freely give needles and narcon at publicly funded sites around our cities

    So you see, Gavin, it’s pretty hard to catch a falling knife when those in govenrance weren’t mindful from the beginning

  2. Since the Dim leadership is incapable of stopping this criminal behavior it might be time for UP and other rail companies to change the rail cars so this nonsense is impossible to do. I know they should not be forced to do that but the law enforcement cannot be everywhere but if the container doors are blocked with bulkheads the thieves would have to do their shopping elsewhere.

  3. After declaring his conversion of California to a “Third World Country” a raging success, Newsom relocated the CA Governors Mansion to Aunt Nancy’s $25 mil Florida Estate.

  4. Note to Newsom – in case you did not realize this, you are the governor of the state of California and as such, you are the person who is responsible for the condition of that state. So when you call it a third world mess, you are the one who has allowed this to happen with your far left policies and your defund the police actions. By the way, you are also responsible for all of the forest fires that are destroying you state because you do not allow for the clearing of under brush that would help control the fires. When you say bad things about your state, BE SURE YOU ARE STANDING IN FRONT OF A MIRROR SO YOU CAN SEE WHO IS TO BLAME!!!

  5. You helped create the mess — moron. You want to be a libtard/demoSCUM/communist/A-hole — well you are looking at the residue. You want to welcome millions of illegals and criminals to your state — you are looking at the results. You do seem to be a whole lot like your aunt piggy — completely out of touch with reality and living in your own little fantasy world just like she does. Both of you are a complete waste of good oxygen.

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